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Civil Engineering Prezi

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Ale Khan

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Civil Engineering Prezi

What is Civil Engineering ?
Civil Engineering
Name: Mohammad Shah
Civil Engineer from 1984 to 2006
A Civil Engineers salary
Graduate Civil engineers earn a starting salary of $45k-60k per year.
Senior engineers who are leaders or project managers earn $85k-$220k per year
"Depending on their experience and ability, civil engineers may also get bonuses and other benefits such as a company car" ("Civil Engineer, " 2013).
Civil engineers use their knowledge and skills to design, construct, project manage, and commission a wide range of facilities. This includes basic infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, towers, dams, roads and railways, pipe networks and treatment plants which provide society with a reliable, safe, sustainable and modern environment.Civil engineering is a broad field, and students may take courses to focus on a more specific area during their professional years of study to suit their interests.
Engineering consultants
Training for the job
Theories which were learnt at University were applied practically. Firstly, safety was introduced and understanding of the site was carried out. Building drawings were reviewed and applied critically.

Personal skills
Having a good understanding of architecture and design of a building which is an advantage when it comes to reviewing the drawings. People skills is also an advantage on site, it helps when communicating different ideas between your team.
Rewarding aspects
Things which were studied was applied in real life, this was rewarding because all the work was paid off. When critical aspects were identified in the drawing, wages were raised
Ale & Taib
Upon graduation, graduates look for work as professional engineers and master their skills and knowledge as they work in the field of Civil Engineering. Below are some engineering consultants who are playing big roles in building and maintaining the community around us.
Engineering schools
What does a Civil Engineer do?
Civil engineers may do some or all of the following:

Consult with clients, government officials and other professionals on the requirements of each project
evaluate the suitability of proposed construction and development sites
ensure assets such as water plants and roading are efficiently managed
supervise construction to ensure structures are built correctly
get plans approved by relevant authorities and obtain building permits
plan and design structures such as roads, drainage systems, buildings, dams or wharves

Time management was difficult because of unexpected weather conditions and shortage of supplies which meant that projects had to be delayed. Lack of teamwork among the labourers caused confusion which lead to poor workmanship and time consuming.
Negative aspects
Expectation of career
It wasn't how he expected it to be because he thought that he would be doing office work instead, most of the time was spent out onsite.
Future prospects
To complete Master’s degree and work in a specialized area in Civil Engineering.
Civil Engineering
Pre-degree (certificate)
Bachelor of Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering Studies
Master of Construction Management
Master of Engineering Project Management
Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy

Job opportunities
Chances of getting a job as a civil engineer are good due to a shortage of people in the role.
Civil engineers may work for:

construction firms and property developers
private engineering consultancies
government agencies, such as the Land Transport Authority
construction firms and property developers
infrastructure and utility companies, such as railway and electricity companies
Engineering around the world
Quick facts
Panama Canal, Panama
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Skytower, Auckland
To become a professional Civil Engineer, a 3-4 year degree is required. This can be attained by studying at University or Unitec.
Useful school subjects:
Why Civil Engineering?
Engineering is one of the top paid professions
Engineers are employable
Engineering is a stepping stone toward becoming a CEO
Engineering opens doors for professional advancement
It's a good major if you don't know what you want to do
Engineers are happy
Engineers make a difference
Engineering has a long and glorious history.
Engineering fields
Civil Engineering has a broad range of engineering disciplines. These include the followings which fall under Civil Engineering.
Thanks for watching
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