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Chris Butler

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of ASADA AYOF

Why is it important?
What stuff is banned?
What's a TUE?
How does drug testing work?
How can I get in trouble?
Roles and Responsibilities

Anti-Doping Rule Violations

The Prohibited List

Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Doping Control

Athlete Whereabouts
ASADA implements a comprehensive doping control program

Detects the use of a prohibited substance or method

All "athletes" under the National Anti-Doping scheme may be tested
In-competition or out-of competition

No advance notice

Blood or urine testing

Must comply or face sanction

Make any issues known to the DCO
Eight Anti-Doping Rule Violations

1. Presence
2. Use or attempted use
3. Refusing to provide a sample
4. Whereabouts
5. Tampering or attempted tampering
6. Possession
7. Trafficking
8. Administration, attempted administration and complicity
Set by WADA

Updated every year (1 Jan)

Lists substances and methods not allowed in sport
You can feel yourself starting to get a head cold and it's the night before a big game/competition. You go to the chemist and ask for some medication that will help you get rid of the cold

What would you do?
Your coach has told you that you need to get stronger over the off season so you start hitting the gym more. A guy who works at the same gym says he's got a great supplement that will help you put on size quicker. He gives you a free sample to try for yourself.

Is this OK? What are the risks?
What would YOU do?
Strict Liability

Athletes are held strictly responsible for any substance found in their body, regardless of how it got there.

Ignorance is no excuse!
Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) allow an athlete to use a prohibited substance or method for medical reasons
How athletes apply for a TUE depends on what type of athlete or what level they are competing at
Check your sports anti-doping policy
Wait for approval before taking the substance (except in the case of emergency)
More info through the Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee (www.asdmac.gov.au)
Stay educated on the latest updates
www.asada.gov.au (eLearning)

Follow ASADA on Twitter (@anti_doping)

"Like" ASADA on Facebook.com/Pure Performance

Subscribe to the Pure Performance Blog
The really important stuff - remember this!

1. Always check any medications before taking them

2. There are big risks when considering using a supplement

3. Always comply with a request to provide a sample - and remember your rights

4. Don't risk your reputation by taking drugs
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