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Office of The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic

No description

Prof. AAA. Atayero

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Office of The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic

Office of The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic:
Brief for Omega 2013/14 Session

A Prophetic Verdict
The Office of The DVC Academic Oversees strategic Directorates, Units, and Committees, which are instrumental towards the achievement of vision 10:2022 (1-of-10-in-10)
At the onset of the 2013/14 Academic Session, a CfG was sent out to the sub units of the Office of DVC Academic.
A laudable measure of success was recorded
What follows is a set of targets for the current semester as it relates to the sub units under the office of DVC (Academic)
Phil 3:13-14
Centre for Research and Development (CUCeRD)
Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS)
Centre for Systems and Information Services (CSIS)
Committee for Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP)
Committee for Research & Development (R&D)
Directorate of International Office & Linkages (DIOL)
Directorate of Academic Planning Unit (DAPU)
Directorate of Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES/SWEP)
Directorate of Quality Assurance & Academic Standards (DQAS)
ICT/Webometric Committee
School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS)
Senate Business Committee (SBC)
DVC Academic Units:
Partnership drive with Federal Research Institutions
Commencement of IPTTO full Operation
Dissemination of Research Findings:
Host Annual Research Fair & Exhibition
Initiate CUCeRD Research Seminar Series
Publication of CUCeRD Monthly Newsletter
Actualization of Patent Drive
Engaging world-class universities more actively and more definitively
Aggressive recruitment drive for both faculty and students
Emphasis on high profile research faculty
Commencement of activities contained in signed MoUs with partner universities
2+1, 2+2, joint/dual awards of degrees,
staff and students exchange,
visiting lectureship, post-doc opportunities,
joint/collaborative research,
virtual classes, etc.
Commencement of identified summer programmes in our partner universities abroad
Enlistment of an experienced non-teaching PhD to handle the IOL on full-time basis

• Supervision of SIWES Students in their placement areas
• Liaise with industries to fashion out adequate training programmes for interns.
• Use the SIWES programmes as avenue for industrial linkages
• Ensure that outstanding SIWES Allowances are paid to students and members of Faculty who participate in SIWES Programme and supervision exercise.
• Harvest industrial challenges as identified by student with a view to providing innovative solution.
• Publication of revised University’s Academic Brief and Handbook
• Preparation for the accreditation of Biochemistry, Biology and Microbiology programmes in the Department of Biological Sciences.
•Securing NUC approval to run Bachelors degree programme in Entrepreneurship Studies, Leadership, Land Survey, Quantity Survey.
Ensuring the smooth running of academic programmes as packaged in the 2013/2014 Academic Calendar.
• Presentation of Senate approved new programmes for NUC approval
• Constant update of the academic staff gap analysis for necessary recruitment.
• Facilitating programmes and workshops for Faculty advance, orientation and induction
• • Submissions to the University System Annual Review Meeting (USARM)
Improve the University webometric ranking significantly over the last performance
Repository Ranking:
a. To maintain the repository ranking as No.1 in Nigeria
b. Improve the repository ranking to top 3 in Africa
c. and top 100 in the World
Ensure ubiquitous availability of Internet services campus wide 24/7
Facilitate IT literacy of faculty/staff for enhanced job delivery
Work with DQA to monitor the state of University ICT resource for efficient exploitation


Visibility (Back links) = 50%
Activity = P(16.67%) + O(16.67%) + E(16.67%) = 50%
(# of web-pages)
(Rich files on Google Scholar)
(Top 10% highly cited papers in respective fields)

• Development of a proposal for exploitation of a fraction of the CU Farm
• Development of fresh business plans for new vocations
• Participation in all campus exhibitions
• Completion of work on the EDS Practical Book project
• Improved marketing strategies for realizing products of CEDS
• Completion of on-going renovations and supervision of the CEDS building under construction
• Facilitate skill acquisition training for Secondary Schools during long vacation.
• Organize workshops for Tertiary Institutions’ Principal Officers.
• Prepare students for 2014 NUC Business plan competition.

• Assessment of New Academic Programmes to be established in Covenant University.
• Assessment of Programmes due for the Accreditation visit of the NUC in 2014
• Evaluation of teaching/learning quality.
• Improvement of teaching/learning facilities – Classrooms, Laboratories, Workshops, Studios.
• Establishment of a draft policy for Quality Assurance/Academic Standards in Covenant University.
• Ensure proper conduct and supervision of all University examination.
• Increase the number of Ph.Ds and Masters
• Firm up on quality of our programmes
• Produce a Book of Abstracts of Ph.D theses and Master’s Dissertations
• To explore ways of increasing the programmes we run for the external context
• To introduce Postgraduate Diploma programmes

• Advertise and prepare for hosting certificate and diploma courses for the summer semester
• To partner with professional bodies to prepare candidates for professional examinations slated for June.
• To create public awareness through our fliers for the summer programmes
• Monitor processing of application to NUC for running part-time programmes

• Timely presentation of data to management with informative analysis
• Stabilization of the internet and intranet access on the campus.
• Develop a stable, robust and scalable campus wide network
• Improve on tele-presence systems for the purpose of online interviews/meetings, video conferencing and web presentation.
• Total restructuring of CDS LAN network, re-designing of the entire building.
• Finalizing the on-going telecommunication restructuring/re-designing.
• Creation of standard hardware repair centre for maintenance and repairs of all unofficial systems.
• Facilitate internal technical training for all CSIS staff.
In order to ensure regular monitoring and evaluation of projections and performance of these units, the DVC (Academic) will continue to meet statutorily on a fortnight basis with the Heads of each unit. At these meetings, report on activities, achievements and challenges faced by the units are presented and discussed. Solutions to challenges are proffered, and targets set to be met towards the next meeting.

Plan for Actualization, Monitoring
& Evaluation of Projections
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