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Gamble and Gamble's Communication Model

No description

Broom Broom

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Gamble and Gamble's Communication Model

Gamble and Gamble's Communication Model
Gamble and Gamble's Communication Model
The model displays that communication is a circle and that the sending and receiving responsibilities are shared by the communicators.
A message or messages can be sent through one or more channels and the interactions occurs in and Is affected by a definite setting.
The noise can come into the interaction at any point and can affect either the sending or receiving abilities of the communicators.
Noise can be triggered by the setting , can be present in the channel or can arise in the message itself.
According to Gamble and Gamble (2002), the message is referred to as the content of a communication act. That is what you talk about, the words you use, the sounds you make, the way you gesture, and your facial expression during any communication act.
Who is the sender?
Who is the receiver?
What is the shared
field of experience?
What is the
What is the
What is the noise?
What is the feedback?
What is the context
/ environment?
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Bray, N. (2013, January 8). Lecture 1.2 What is communication student notes. Retrieved from SlideShare : http://www.slideshare.net/nbray1/lecture-12-what-is-communication-student-notes-15905838

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