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8.04 The Iron Curtain Comes Down

No description

Yomely Diaz-Fernandez

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of 8.04 The Iron Curtain Comes Down

The pictures are in order of importance The Iron Curtain
Comes Down The Velvet Revolution The Romanian Revolution Summary The Velvet Revolution was a non violent revolution used to protest against one-party government of the Communists party of Czechoslovakia. It went on from November 17 to December 29th in 1989. Solidarity was a movement by workers in communist Poland. It took place during the 1980's. Ths movement happened because they wanted political reforms. 50 labor unions united together to protest the government in Poland. The Romanian Revolution was a series of protests and riots in December of 1989. It marked the end of the Communist regime of Nicolae Ceauescu. When the Romanians declared independence from the Soviet control this caused more than a thousand deaths. Romania was no longer a communist country. The Soviet Union collapsed in December of 1991. Some of the greatest factors that contributed to the fall were because of the Roman Revolution, Solidarity, The Velvet Revolution, The fall of Berlin Wall, and Prague Springs. The Roman Revolution was placed first because of the many people that died and altered the way higher people viewed things. Solidarity second because it was a very important political reform that occurred in 1980. The next most important was the Velvet Revolution, it was non-destructive yet very long. It was a main turning point of the revolution. The Fall of the Berlin Wall was next because it made a big impact on most countries and was including the Soviet Union. Lastly, the Prague Springs was just a liberalization for politics. It wasn't a leading cause but it seemed much more important than the other that I didn't choose. Solidarity Fall of Berlin Wall The Berlin wall was a barrier formed by the German Democratic Republic. It was located in the middle of Berlin and made on Aug. 13, 1968. It was used to prevent emigration and deviate what had marked Germany and the communist Eastern Bloc during the post-World War ll period. Prague Spring The Prague Spring was a liberation for politics and was started by a current reformist, Alexander Dubek. It began on January 5, 1968 in Czechoslovakia after World War ll.
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