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No description

R Sheehan

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Algebra

Solving Equations - 19th March 2015
By the end of today's class, we will be able to examine how to solve equations so that when we see equations like
5x + 4 = x - 4
we can easily find out what the x is equal to.
Learning Outcomes
5x + 4 = x - 4

Page 240
In pairs, work together to solve these questions
Both partners need to understand their set of questions.
Swap partners with someone from a different group.

Teach two of the questions that you have just done to your new partner.

Q 17 - 20
Our learning outcome we are trying to meet was to be able to solve equations like
5x + 4 = x - 4

Have we met this goal?
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