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Who Am I?

No description

Megan Wenger

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Who Am I?

What do I want other people to say about me? My first memory is when my parents, brothers, and I moved to Cedar Rapids from Butzbach, Germany, where my dad was stationed, and seeing Kelsi Hancock and her mom walking down the sidewalk to come and welcome us into the neighborhood. My First Memory: Morals, Ethics, and Beliefs Mom & Dad I got most of my morals, beliefs, and ethics from my parents. Growing up, I learned from them what I think is important in having morals, ethics, and beliefs. My parents are big in being independent, loyal, and selfless, among other things, and I also find them important. My Flaws One of my flaws are definitely getting annoyed with other peoples little mannerisms too quickly. I don't really know why I get so annoyed, probably having three brothers', but it gets to the point where I am distracted from all other things, and can only focus what that person is doing. When I'm gone, I would hope that people wouldn't have anything negative to say about me or remember me by.
I hope that other people remember me as an outgoing, independent, caring, fun person. Megan Wenger Who Am I? Independent- I think that it is important to be independent so that you aren't revolving your life around someone elses. To be successful, I believe, that you have to be able to make unpopular choices and go off on your own sometimes. Examples:
Smacking on your gum
Me being able to hear the saliva in your mouth when you eat food.
Burping out loud. Loyalty- I think it is important to follow through with things that you put your word on and say you will do. Selflessness- I believe that it is important to be as selfless as possible because there are people out there who have next to nothing to survive. We all are selfish at times, but trying not to be is important. Jon Erik Chris Sandy
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