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Copy of Emirates Value Chain Analysis

No description

Diwani Mwamengo

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Emirates Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis of Emirates Airline
Value Chain
Vertical Integration
Government Partnership
Free tax by Dubai International Airport
Standardized Aircraft
Legal issues
Emirates Aviation College
Reward Employee Program
Accommodation and Transport Allowance
HR Management
Firms Infrastructure
In House Research Centre
Engineering Centre
Sky Cargo
Computer Reservation System
In-flight System
Flight Scheduling System
Technology Development
Emirates Catering Service
Stock Control, Food & Drinks
Fuel Handling
Exclusive Emirates Terminal 3
Yield Management
Less Dependence on Supplies
Dubai International Airport
Inbound Logistic
Self-operation on;
Service Desk
Boarding & Lounge Services
Baggage & Handling
Airport Pushback
Outbound Logistics
Emirates Sky Cargo
Marketing & Sales
Official Sponsorship
Slogan "Fly Emirates"
Safety Issues
Awards Achievement
Effectiveness of Pricing Strategy
Sky Wards
Emirates Lounges
Emirates Hotel & Resorts
24 Hours Prior Check-in Service
ICE (In-flight Entertainment System)
Emirates Airline Value Chain
Easy way to analyse strength and
weaknesses of the company.

Opportunities in developing
competitive advantage.

Help outsourcing decision

Help to understand the link
between support activities and
primary activities
A snapshot of situation

Does not include competitors

Complex and time consuming
in searching data for competitor's
value chain analysis
Conclusion and Recommendation
Emirates out weights competitive advantages over
competitors in terms of productivity, cost efficiency,
entrepreneurial management
More theories have to be applied in parallel in order
to do comparison with other company and to analyse
the company external factors (PEST)

In searching data for value chain analysis, external
information and feedback have to be taken into consideration
The Emirates Group is composed of:
Emirates Airlines
Airport services provider Dnata (the Dubai National Air Transport Association)
Transportation-related activities, and a hotel group
Background Information
Background Information
Emirates owned by the government of Dubai.

It has flourished under the sheikdom's "wide open skies" policy, which has brought more than 100 foreign airlines to Dubai's efficient airport, the busiest in the Middle East.
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