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Organization: Scheduling and Time Management

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Olivia Walt

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Organization: Scheduling and Time Management

Organization: How We Can Meet The Standards To Become Successful Students
Becoming Organized Both Physically and Mentally
Paper Calendars and Digital Calendars: Two Organizers That Can Improve Mental Disorganization
How to Choose Which Type of Organization To Use
Every student struggles at some point in their education with being organized, with keeping vital assignments in line, keeping up to date with deadlines, etc. This type of disorganization can interfere drastically with a student's present and future succession in life, but can be solved by simple organization, by way of calendars and other organizers and methods.
Paper calendars; including Moleskin journals, Filofax diaries, and wall calendars, help to keep deadlines in order in solid print, which, out of the 87% web users in the world, 49% prefer because of durability, sentimentality, etc. (Doodle Blog)
Digital calendars; from scheduling apps on your iPhone to online calendars such as Google Calendars, are newer, more portable scheduling devices that many are switching to; out of the 87% internet users in the world, 38% now use digital calendars because of synchronicity, portability, etc.

Even though all types of organization can be efficient to suit a student's needs and improve their success, if one were to pick one or several, which one would they choose? When it comes to academic mental methods, one might consider paper calendars, yet most all physical organizers and methods can be used when it comes to academics. Really, it all comes down to the personality and needs of the student to which ways of organization will set them better off and which ways will give them hopefully more success academically and for the rest of their lives.
Simple Ways For A Simple Student To Become Physically Organized
-If possible, a student should make transitions between classes either 5 minutes before or after the bell (An early transition supports the student in copying assignments, organizing materials, etc.)
Personal Documents/Spaces
-A student's locker may require a locker shelf, miniature cubbyholes, pencil holders, etc. to organize the space efficiently
-A student may need two sets of books (one for school, one for home) to prevent loss or additional organizational requirements

All Of The Above Resource: NC Public Schools
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