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Tiananmen Square Massacre

Events that caused and led up to the June 4th Massacre of 1989.

Anise Linaudo

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Tiananmen Square Massacre

A June 5th, 2012 candles were lit to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the massacre. Tienanmen 23 YEARS THIS IS THE of what happened those S T O R Y ago 23 years ago Deng Xiaoping was the current leader of CHINA after overpowering
, the chosen
successor of Hua GUOFENG M ao ZEDONG Mao came to power after the Japanese surrendered in China during II WW This marked the beginning of COMMUNISM China in happy People were & Mao was regarded as a HERO after MAO ZEDONG died in 1976 and H ua G uofeng Mao Zedong's chosen succesor ruled the C ommunist P arty of C hina briefly for 1 year Then, Deng Xiaoping TOOK OVER CPC the as a moderate reformer Deng At the same time, abandoned MAO style economics OF PEOPLE A LOT which greatly upsetted I nflation was high T he job market was tight C orruption among the politcal ELITE was rising overall, CHINA things were not looking good for HU YAOBANG By April of 1989, secretary of the CPC DIED This was the kickoff for protests in CHINA There were mass gatherings at TIENANMEN square At its height, there were half a MILLION people at these protests HALF A MILLION a lot of these protesters were students people. but the movement through China spreaded like wildfire reaching all sorts of Hunger strikes led by students had a huge part in capturing the attention of China However, the protests were put to rest after 7 WEEKS by the Chinese government this did not end as peacefully as one might assume however On June 4th 1989, China's communist army marched through BEIJING with Tiananmen Square as their final destination They were given orders to OPEN FIRE at any civilians in their way The exact number of deaths from the Tiananmen Square MASSACRE is unknown But there are estimations from the hundreds to the THOUSANDS The Chinese government suppressed a lot media during this time and to this day their government is still censoring a lot of the media coverage C H I N A C H I N A But every year, people never forget S Q U A R E MASSACRE WORKS CITED China Travel. Internet Studios. Web. 21 October. 2012. Richelson, Jeffrey, and Michael Evans. Tiananmen Square, 1989: The Declassified History. GWU. Web. 21 October. 2012. BBC News. 2004. Web. 21 October. 2012. Riviera, Gloria, and Audrey Wozniak. ABC News. 2012. Web. 21 October. 2012. Earp, Madeline. CPJ Blog. 2012. Web. 21 October. 2012. Lynch, Elizabeth. China Law & Policy. 2012. Web. 21 October. 2012. color pallete by pseudonympho on colourlovers titled coup de grâce Prezi by ANN LIN Stencils by Ann Lin
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