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Surround Sound

No description

Bryan Trieu

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Surround Sound

Surround Sound How The Ear Works Place Theory Frequency Theory What does this
Have to do with
Surround Sound? The place believes that some part of the ear works when there is different sounds. Different sounds produce different vibrations along the basilar membrane. The basilar membrane is within the cochlea of the inner ear. The frequency theory was also known as the telephone theory because it assumed that the auditory nerve passed complete time domain representations of the incoming acoustic signal to the brain. So it would be a waveform of a speech sound and is transformed into fluctuating voltages like in a telephone line. First you learn about how the ear works and how
you listen to sounds
Now we go to surround sound! There are 2 theories on how the ear works
They are the place theory and frequency theory
The place theory is different from the frequency theory because the place theory believes that different parts of the ear works differently while the frequency theory believes that it sounds work like a telephone Surround Sound Monaural sounds are sounds that come from one source while there is stereo which is coming from two sources on either side of the person. Surround sound takes it a step further! Adding more audio channels so sound comes from three or more directions! By Bryan Trieu and Tenzin Woser Early Surround Sound There are many different approaches to surround sound. Fantasia from Walt Disney was the earliest surround sound movie. It was stunning to new audiences! Creating Surround Sound Surround sound is created several different ways.
The simplest way is to use a surround sound recording microphone.
The second way is by processing the audio with psychoacoustic sound location methods. The End! That's the end! Hope you learned something useful. Please leave feed back in the comment section.
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