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Eggleston Traveling Exhibit

Contact The University of Mississippi Museum for more information http://museum.olemiss.edu/contact-us/


on 28 June 2017

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Transcript of Eggleston Traveling Exhibit

The Beautiful
The Extraordinary Gaze
of William Eggleston

"William Eggleston in the Real World"
William Eggleston is an American photographer, widely credited with increasing recognition for color photography as a legitimate artistic medium to display in art galleries. Born in Memphis, TN, spent childhood in Sumner, MS, but traveled widely as a photographer.
Press Release for Exhibit

Press Release for Film and Lecture
Optional Programming
Michael Almereyda, Director
One of the Top 5 Films about Photography
Suggested programming to complement the exhibit
Offer a free screening of the film. DVD provided
Invite the Director to make a brief intro plus Q&A after
Coordinate with a local film festival to maximize film exposure
William Eggleston, American photographer
University of Mississippi Museum Director Robert Saarnio with visiting lecturer Anne Tucker. (Background: Required wall text.)
Credit - Almereyda sound bytes; Tucker lecture clips: Derek Brown of Life Long Productions, LLC
Credits: A&N Catering. Twisted Twig, LLC. Oxford, MS
Programming Poster 11"x 17"
Book the Exhibit
Marti Funke, Collections Manager
mfunke@olemiss.edu 662.915.7073
The Collection

The University of Mississippi Museum has created press and graphics packages to invite the widest audience to your venue for "The Beautiful Mysterious: The Extraordinary Gaze of William Eggleston."

Publicity materials—including e-publicity—must be sent to our Collections Manager for review and approval prior to printing and distribution.

Press Package
• High-resolution press images
• Press release template

Graphics Package
• Traveling exhibit style guide (Includes exhibit color scheme and templates for advertisements, invitations, rack cards, and signage.)

Support Provided
Consultation with Collections Manager &/or Communications Coordinator upon request.
Press and
Marketing Materials
Film Screening
Each image shown in this presentation was used to create a set of take-aways from the show, with this design on the reverse.
As programming is added, insert highlighted text
into the primary ad for publications
Exhibit Invitation
All photographs gifted to the University of Mississippi Museum and Historic Houses by William Ferris. Images not cropped. Exhibition checklist with images available upon request.

Number of Works
36 color and black-and-white framed photographic works with raw files of all labels, wall text, and a Gallery takeaway handout 6-page brochure

Variable – 9 1/8" x 11 1/8" to 21 1/4" x 17 1/6"

Space Requirement
Photographs: 186' 2" linear ft.
Introduction Text: 167" w x 40" h

$25,000. for 12 weeks

Shipping Costs
One-way shipping responsibility of the borrower

To be carried by venue
Exhibition Specs
Magazine Ad
Postcard Dimensions: 5 3/8" x 8.5 "
Add clear label and postage
Brochure: Multi-fold. Features significant quotes and sampling of Eggleston's work.
The Installation
Souvenir Postcard-sized Prints
Poster 11" x 17"
Film Trailer
Traveling Schedule
A sample of the 36 images, some of them unique (sole-print) rare black & whites,
all gifted to the Museum by the legendary Dr. William R. Ferris (UNC Chapel Hill)
June 23 - September 10, 2017
The Mennello Museum of American
Art, City of Orlando

Many thanks to...

Friends of the Museum for sponsoring the Eggleston Exhibit
at The University of Mississippi Museum
September 13, 2016 to February 18, 2017

Guest Curator New York City-based novelist Megan Abbott

Consulting advisor, Mississippi photographer
and author, Maude Schuyler Clay, William Eggleston's first cousin

Multi-media presentation produced on http://www.prezi.com dlnelson 2016, 2017.
Introduction Wall Text required.
Format adjustable to fit your space.
Itc Franklin Gothic Standard and Neutra Text
The complete collection of images plus label text provided in Word.docx, upon request.
Untitled, 1969 (Union Ave., Memphis, Tennessee), 1988.5.12 (12 3/8” l x 15 1/8” w)

White Maid’s Uniform with Bees, 1972 (Memphis, Tennessee), 1988.5.82 (21 3/8” l x 17 1/8” w)
Untitled, 1962, (Memphis, Tennessee), 1988.5.54 (15 1/8” l x 12 3/8” w)
Untitled, 1973 (near Gulf Coast, Mississippi) 1988.5.60 (17 1/8” l x 21 3/8” w)
Untitled, 1971, 1982.1.4 (17 1/8” l x 21 3/8” w)
Photograph taken near Oxford, Mississippi, off Hwy 7 towards Holly Springs, Mississippi –Maude Schuyler Clay, consulting advisor and cousin of William Eggleston
Full transcript