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No description

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Psychiatrist

Career Description
A person who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional health
They CAN prescribe medication
Can use a variety of different treatment such as:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Mean Hourly Wage: $87.82
Mean Annual Wage: $182,660
Job Outlook
Because in this age, people are living longer, there are more people with mental illnesses so there is more demand for psychiatrists
Expected growth of 4% for psychiatric technicians from 2012-2022
Expected growth of 6% for psychiatric aid from 2012-2022
Expected growth of 11% for all psychiatric job occupations from 2012-2022
Pros vs. Cons
In coming years will be in higher demand, which means more job opportunities
Requires 12+ years of education before applying for the Board Certification for a job
Works Cited

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12 or more years:
4 years in college to earn the Bachelors Degree
After college take the MCAT Test to get into Medical School
4-5 years in Medical School
4 years in a residency program or in a hospital
After, then can apply for a Board Certification, which leads to a job
By: Virginia Guanci
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