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Event Planning Recipe Book

Short how-to guide on event planning

Brittney Lindsay

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Event Planning Recipe Book

1. The Elements EVENT PLANNING Written By: Brittney Lindsay Pre-Heat Inital Planning Event objectives Primary Objectives Secondary Objectives Why are you having your event? Create anticipation maximum attendance tangible or intangible 150 + 300 x 10= BUDGET determine how much you can spend do you can select the appropruate evetnt style and plan rough estimate of anticipated costs and inclusions Event Vision- 5 Design Principles 1. the Elements All the parts that make up the event 2. The Essentials Must-haves 3. The Environment 4. The Energy Venue and style Creating a mood 5. The Emotion Feelings Negotiable vs. Non-negotiable items Preliminary cost estimate should include non-negotiable items first then if the budget allows add negotiable items Inital Planning Corporate event committee match skills, areas of interest and time avalibility with areas of responsibility one person to handle all communications with the event planning company or suppliers Type of event target audience Time requirements ensure there is a sufficent amount of time to plan the event Visualization envision the event from beginning to end Create a cost sheet DRIVE Define company and event objectives Reserach and develop event vision Innovate and create a customized experience using design principels and objectives Visualize the event step by step Execute with detailed precision and timing Design Objectives 1. Educational 2. Enlightening 3. Engaging 4.Energizing 5. Entertaining Gather Ingredients Critical Path Function Sheets Contracted timing and logistical information Everyone involved will be working from this critical path changes will occur durin the process and its important to continually update the critical path number and date each revision Do not throw away previous critical path to create a crtical ptah use a calendar andwork backwards from the day of the event noting everything that needs to be done be sure to list the person responsilbe for each task Confidential One person should create the funtion sheet and be over dealing with suppkiers and finalizing plans You will know the function sheet by heart provides attention to details include contact sheets ! Very Important Combine Ingredients Strengths and Weaknesses event planning can make or break a company or organization One failed event can disrupt the image of your event planning company vital to be very organized Practioner Must wear various hats be versitile, know a little bit about everything Ex.- If a photographer falls through and there is no time to hire a new one you may become the photographer for the event Ex.- If its an interactive event and people are timid to participate you may have to act as an attendee and be the first to partake in the interactive portion Committee Do not want to have a large group size it can create confusion everyone's opinions can cause the planning process to be longer than necessary Ensure the committee knows their roles before, during, and after the event Communicate, communicate, communicate everything to each member of the committee Evaluation Prepare a type of evaluation for the attendees be sure that your event was a success know what went well and what did not what could be done differently Cook and Serve! Excute the event with every detail in mind
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