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Position-Time Graphs and Velocity Time Graphs

For Pre-Physics and Engineering class

Marla Ripps

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Position-Time Graphs and Velocity Time Graphs

Position Time Graphs and Velocity Time Graphs Consider the motion
of an object moving in a straight line Velocity-Time Graphs What do they have in common? We have analyzed motion through position with respect to time, now we are going to analyze motion as to how fast you are going with respect to time Time If we recorded the position of the object every 6 secs, how would this look in a graph Lets look at another
position-time graph You can calculate the
average velocities from the
slope of the lines. So lets
do that in your notebook So if we graph
what we just
calculated... Both graphs
represent the
same motion a horizontal line
above the time axis means motion in the _________ direction and below the time axis is motion in the ___________ direction, and on the time axis means no motion (stopped) a vertical line represents an instantaneous ________________________ acceleration velocity is the rate
of change of displacement.
acceleration is defined as
____________________. the formula for
acceleration is... a=v/t
That should be the change in but I can't make the triangle in the text Let's do some graphs then we will do some problems if doing this graphically, slope of the line is rise/run. So the rise is _______ and the run is ________ Horizontal line
on a V-T graph
represents a
velocity. v=d/t
actually it is the change
in displacement divided
by the change in time if doing this graphically, slope of the line is rise/run. So the rise is _______ and the run is ________ making the formula....
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