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Cami Dramis

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Communication

Central Idea: Telecommunication influences everyday life. It evolves while society changes/La telecomunicacion influye en la vida cotidiana. Evoluciona mientras que la sociedad cambia.

Transdisciplinary theme: How we express our selves/Como nos expresamos

Harry Smith Estrada
Camila Dramis
Bosco Sangra


How would our learning be different without technological communication?
How has society changed through social networks?
What things did social networks change in communication?
Why is it necessary for society to communicate?
The advantages and the disadvantages of social networks?
¿Cómo nos ayuda la comunicación a larga distancia?
¿Por qué fue inventada la comunicación?






La comunicación es una de las cosas más importantes en la vida. Es lo que usamos para saber lo que uno quiere decir, explicar y expresar. Sin ella nadie pudiera haber inventado muchas cosas como el telefono, la computadora, la televisión y muchos otros inventos increibles. La comunicación fue la forma más útil y eficaz que el humano haya inventado.

People were connected more to real life situations than to virtual situations. And people also had more time to conceive other imaginative things and not being busy with a social network or a game. Nevertheless, they had few opportunities as we do to have access to a mass of global information and a great number of interactions with people all over the world. Living without technology was a great advantage because people could enjoy more life. Also some people think that technology makes you live a more stressful life in comparison with people that lived without it.
Samuel Morse
Alexander Graham Bell
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