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Animal Cell Analogy

No description

Abby Bruzas

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell Analogy

Animal Cell Analogy
An animal cell is like the U.S government
The nucleus of a cell stores important information that controls the cell, just like the white house contains powerful people that have a lot of control in our government.
The nucleolus creates ribosomes in the cell that then form proteins, the president creates ideas that then create laws.
Ribosomes create proteins, just like politicians ideas create laws
Nuclear Envelope
The nuclear envelope controls what substances go in and out of the nucleus. The presidents secret service decides who enters and exits the white house and who gets to see the president.
Rough ER and Smooth ER
Rough ER generates proteins and Smooth ER generates lipids, they are the two main political parties because they present ideas to Congress, or the Golgi apparatus.
Golgi Apparatus
The Golgi body modifies lipids and proteins synthesized by the rough and smooth ER and sends them out to the cell membrane to be secreted, both branches of congress receive ideas from representatives from either party and they modify them so they create the best results, then they draft them into laws and send them to the executive and judicial branches to make sure the laws are necessary and proper.
Mitochondria break down carbohydrates provided by the cell and make them into energy for the cell, the executive branch takes laws provided by the legislature and puts them in place in the nation.
Lysosomes act as a trashcan in the cell, they digest macromolecules from inside the cell and macromolecules that enter the cell from outside the cell. The department of foreign affairs is similar to a lysosome because it deals with issues that arise outside the U.S. but still affect the countries inner workings.
Peroxisomes break down large macromolecules that enter the cell, the supreme court debates large issues that occur through out the united states.
Vacuoles store things in cells, much like the department of Treasury stores the Governments money.
Cilia and Flagella
Cilia and Flagella are used to move and protect the cell, just like our military protects the nation.
A centriole's main job is to assist in cell reproduction to create new cells, just like elections produce new representatives for our government.
The cell membrane regulates what comes in and out of a cell much like American citizens decide who becomes apart of their government by voting.
Cell Membrane
The cytoskeleton maintains the shape of the cell, much like the United States Constitution keeps our Government's shape.
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