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Call of duty

time to learn what codmw2 is

Matthew Lauricella

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Call of duty

Call Of Duty, modern WarFare 2 KillStreaks (Multiplayer only) UAV - 3 killstreak : displays enemys on radar Counter UAV - 4 killstreak : jams enemy radar Care parkage - 4 killstreak : a helicopter flies over desired position and drops a
crate, gives random killstreak or Ammo. Attack Helicopter - 7 killstreak : a helicopter is called in and automatically attacks enemys. Senty gun - 5 killstreak : a mounted minigun is dropped to desired position for you to place
wherever you want, Automatically attacks enemys. Predator missile - 5 killstreak : A missile is dropped from a Predator drone that is flying above which can
be controlled by the user from the ground. Precision Airstrike - 6 killstreak : Calls in several planes to drop bombs on desired position.
Harrier Strike - 7 killstreak - just like a precision Airstrike but one of the jets stays behind and attacks enemys. Emergency Airdrop - 8 killstreak - A plane flies over and drops 4 care packages Stealth Bomber - 9 killstreak - like a precision Airstrike but more bombs are dropped and
is invisable to enemy radar Chopper Gunner - 11 killstreak - A helipcopter is called in, but the user controls the M230 machine gun
from the ground AC130 - 11 killstreak - An AC130 is deployed in the air, and the user controls the weapons on the ac130 to
Attack ememys. EMP - 15 killstreak - Entire hud is gone (crossheir, radar) for enemies, plus all enemy electronics are disabled
(except emergency airdrop and Tactical Nuke and no new killstreaks can be deployed by enemies. Tactical Nuke - 25 killstreak - In the rare case that a 25 killstreal has occured A player can Deploy a nuke,
When this happens, a ten second timer will count down untill the blast, when
the count is over, the nuke will strike the map, killing all players and killstreaks
and win the game.

What is Call of Duty? Whenever someone asks me, What is call of duty, I tell them
have you been living under a rock, seriously? But if you really
don't know what it is, them I'm willing to tell you.

Call of duty is a popular First person shooing game in which
unlike some other competative First person shooters, In Call of
Duty you can Aim down the sight of a gun, unlike competitor

Also, unlike most FPS's Call of Duty (COD) has a hotkey to stab
and to throw grenades, so you don't have to change to knife or
grenade then use it.

Also, Call of duty has a story as well, Call of duty 1,2,3 and 5 are
set in World war 2 and allow you to play 1 player and even 2 player
story mode. Call of duty 4 is set in 2012 and is about taking out a
well known and powerful terrorist named Imran Zekaif and his
Partner Alasard or something.

Once your done shooting bad guys on the single player. You are
skilled enough to play call of duty online. The multiplayer experience on call of duty and especially modern warfare 2 is what makes the game so great. Playing call of duty online is different to playing other games. Call of duty modern warfare 2 has new killstreaks and more killstreaks than any other of the others cods.
Call of duty 6 also introduces new perks and deathstreaks.

Death streaks Death streaks In call of duty 4,5 and 6, death streaks are used to help a
playerb come back from a streak of deaths, and although
there are only 4, they can be of great use in the case of
death. Some of the death st reaks can be considered
"noobish", but who wouldn't do just about anything to end
a massive streak of deaths Death streaks Copy cat - This deathstreak allows the user to steal their killers loadout by pressing
the use key just after they are killed Final stand - The fina; stand death streak allows the user to instead of dying, be put in final stand, where the user is lying down on the ground and is able to use any weapon. This allows the user to have a second chance and shouldn't be take lightly. Pain killer - This allows the user to respawn with a temperary health boost which can give the user an advantage, only lasts ten seconds and explosions and knifing will still kill the user in one hit. Martydom - This deathstreak is very effective, probably the most effective, having this deathstreak enabled will cause the user to drop a live grenade upon death, regardless of whether they had any grenades left, great for having a suicide run at a group of enemys. Killcam killcam is a five second video that plays once you have been killed, excl. suicide and nuke, The video shows how you died from the killers view, the
advantage is knowing how you die, but the disadvantage is, if you kill someone, they will know where you are. what is the relationship between cod players? So, your playing COD, when suddenly someone runs past you character and they have a red name on their head, Basically the relationship between you and that person is to want to run after the person and stab them, in game of course. Then that person might curse at you through the microphone and then you just laugh and call them a noob. Sobasically can really go from hating that person who shot you in the head, And being nice to that person whob took a bullet or knife for you.
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