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Personal Student Success Plan

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Renae Smith

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Personal Student Success Plan

Motivational and Wellness.
I am here at Estrella Mountain because I want to pursue my goal to become a lawyer. I have always dreamed of becoming a prosecutor because I love to argue and debate with people.
What motivates me to go to school is knowing that when I wake up in the morning, I know that if I do my best to succeed in school, I will make it to my goal of becoming a lawyer.
Some things I can do to reduce stress is by instead of trying to rush towards finishing something, to take my time and if I don't finish, there's always tomorrow.
The person who has influenced me the most is my mom. She has always been a big influence in my life and I think of her as a fantastic role model. She has always pushed me to the right path and she is the reason I continue school.
Career Development & Educational Plan.
My current plan is finish up my two years here at Estrella. Next semester I will be applying to work at the Public Safety building.
The degree I am seeking is Criminal Justice. I am studying to be a Prosecutor.
After I finish here at Estrella Mountain I will be transferring to Arizona State University.
Some interviewing skills I will retain the most is dress to success because I have to be presentable, and listen because it is important to listen to everything the interviewer is saying to you.
Financial Planning.
Tuition to ASU is $10,370 and the books will cost $1,103. If I planned to live on campus which I do, that costs $11,386. All together ASU will cost approximately $22,859.
To pay for my schooling, I will be applying for Financial Aid and working to pay for books. I also have planned to apply for scholarships as well.
Who Am I?
From the humanmetrics paper, I learned that I am able to adapt to just about any kind of situation. I accomplish the things in life that others think are impossible.
Some of my strengths are that I am very efficient in getting my work done, I am overly energetic, I'm self confident, strong-willed, a strategic thinker, charismatic and inspirational.
Based on my scores I am a visual (19), auditory (18) and kinaesthetic (19) learner. For me it easy easy for me to remember things by learning, watching and listening.
I am not afraid to do anything in my next college career. I am the type to live in the moment.
Something I am most excited for in my next college career, is meeting new people and being apart of new activities and trying new things.
Parting words I have for the class is follow your dreams and your own path and not someone elses.
I wouldn't like to be remembered for anything but for accomplishing my goals.
Personal Student Success Plan.
The two study skills I will use in the future is organized note taking, trying to find time to study. You have to have time to study in order to ace a test. Also my notes have to be organized in order for me to study what I wrote.
Two campus resources I used this semester is the career and transfer center so they could help me figure out the required classes needed to transfer to ASU. As well as the Writing Center to receive feedback on many of my assignments for English.
My short term goals are to finish college, and continue to study to be a lawyer. My long term goals are to work hard enough to finally be able to my own law firm business.
Aulexsah Renae Smith
Michele Hamilton
CPD 150
Something unique about me is that I love to draw. I sing and I am a dance choreographer. I can play many different instruments.
A quote I love and live by is
" Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try".
Personal Student Success Plan

Final Project
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