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Copy of Free Template - A few things about me

Free Reusable Prezi Template for a Prezume (CV, Prezi Resume) presentation. Grab a copy from Prezibase.com or hit the Make a Copy button

Gajendra Yadav

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Free Template - A few things about me

MBA student at XIMB
"School 3"
Add details here
"School 2"
Add details here
Add details here
Let's keep in touch
Nice to meet you!
I'm John Doe
A few things about me...
It's a free template
Add your image...
and details
Rearrange the elements
Create a Unique Shape
Career choices
Your Title Here
Your Title Here
My favourite communities
Your Text
Grab a Copy of This Prezi from:

by Prezibase.com
Free CV resume prezi
resume prezi
free cv prezi
free rezume prezi
free cv prezi template
I am
Gajendra Kumar Yadav

& for friends "Gajju"
Exam for MBA admission: XAT
Score: 91 Percentaile
Languages I Know
My favourites
Everybook is appreciatble
Steve Jobs
My Passion
Why L'Oréal
A place for freedom & innovate
A place where everyone feel their worth
A place for care
Make people
"Look Good...Feel Better"
Internship Expectation
Learning the domain,Organization,
best practices
Hands-on of classroom knowledge into real business
Doing something worthful
to make it worth
1.Rise of mobile traffic
2.Omni-channel capabilities

Digital Marketing
Targeted, measurable &interactive marketing
1.Familiarity with digital technology
2.Ease to track down the results
3.Quick Feedback
Computer Science Graduate
with 22 months of work ex in IT
Ralph Lauren

Brand Association
IIt expresses my feelings
Why not let perfume
say the things
about me which I
would not dare to?”
Smelling good
gives confidence
EGI Brand Ambassador
Communicating the ideology of the organization it stands for
Fedora Ambassador
To work on technical part (code) of Operating System
Cisco Student IT Ambassador
To empower communities through the use of technology to improve lives in rural, remote and underprivileged communities across
Interacting people from all parts of world and understanding their perception about the organization
Organizing seminars on Fedora OS
Spread open source community
Event Org
Firefox Student Ambassador
To lead campaigns and projects in colleges and communities to encourage others to contribute to Mozilla (and utilize our products).
FSA play a large role in helping to improve the global experience of people on the Web.
Managing and Creating events for Firefox
In top-20 of Rajasthan state board
for XII,X,VII board exams
X- 92.50%
VIII- 94%
Ambiguity & Chaos
When many things are happening at the same time and we are not able to differentialte them.
It is our state of mind,reaction to the problem, not the problem itself.
Relax,keep calm,take deep breath with confidence to do it.
evaluate one by one.
find correlation
Prior to join MBA there was lot of ambiguity and chaos in my mind (MBA in India,MS,GMAT,continue the job etc.).
After priortize the ambitions of life and
evaluating the option and found a
match to my ambitions
& Here I am doing MBA at XIMB
Obstacle resolved
While I was Cisco Student IT Ambassador
with the role of empowering communities
through the use of technology to improve
lives in rural, remote and underprivileged
communities across. I have to visit the villages
in Vellore district, Tamilnadu and make them
aware about the technology and being from
north India with no clue of Tamil, my first two
visits failed miserably.From third visit onwards
with the help of CSRD (Center for Sustainable
&Rural Development) representative of VIT
CSRD department we have conducted 31
successful events to engage with the
people from different villages of
Tamilnadu on campus
and off-campus
3.On-demand society
4.Comparision shopping
5.Demand for niche products
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