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Small Cells

No description

Nipun Jaiswal

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Small Cells

Market Forces
Driving Small Cells Small Cells:
An Introduction Mobile Data Offloading Benefits 3. 1. 2. 4. Spectrum Benefits Challenges & Restraints Market Status & Forecast Cost Of Data Operator Activities 1.) Backhaul
2.) SON
3.) Handover & Interference
4.) Site Access 2012 2016 Customer Satisfaction Churn Coverage &
Capacity Femto cells expected to contribute majority of the total shipments
Public area small cells are expected to contribute majority of the revenue Small cells are expected to contribute a steadily increasing proportion of offloaded data

Small Cells will account for more than 12% of global offloaded data by 2016 (Juniper) Early adopters & Pioneers SKT and KT have launched LTE Small Cells in Korea
NTT DOCOMO has developed worlds first dual mode 3G/LTE small cell
Vodafone Greece launched free location based small cell service
AT&T plans to deploy more than 40,000 small cells by 2015
Telefonica O2 deployed the world’s densest femtocell installation in East London for the 2012 Summer Olympics
Emergence of Small Cell as a service (SCaaS) (trials by Virgin Media UK and Colt Telecom) At least 10 times more small cell deployments till 2016
Largest deployments have crossed 1 million active cells (Sprint and AT&T)
APAC region to lead in terms of number of shipments 5. LTE Deployments QoS TCO By: Nipun Jaiswal
Frost & Sullivan $
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