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No description

Chui Tack Yin

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Anakku

1.0 Executive Summary Baby
Bottles From To 2.0 Anakku Company Character History Founded in 1973, by Nyam family In 2003, aquired by Anakku means My child Specialize in baby and child products Philosophy – improve & add value to an increasing variety of babycare products.
Cultures and Values – Every product with Anakku is a labour of love.
Objective – "As the centre for all your expressions of love". Anakku believes that taking care of a babies well-being is the most important in every family.
Mission – to improve people’s lives thorugh meaningful innovation
Vision - to provide innovative, quality gear with a distinctive edge. Anakku has always been provided a quality and safe products 3.0 Home and host country constraints Political Legal Economic Other – AFTA and the unwanted competition
–30% owned by Bumiputera Protecting consumers from faulty/harmful products. Eg: Consumer Protection Act 1999.
Sale of Goods Act 1957. Protects consumers on over-pricing,warranty and sales issue. - improving and developing - smaller family size - families have money to demand quality - Competitors, Johnson & Johnson still dominant in market Stricken requirements from FOMCA
ISO 9001, takes time and money
BPA free
FDA certified PESTEL Using Analysis P E S T E L olitical Ineffective and corrupt legal system
Time consuming conomical Trends in poverty and inequality ocial-cultural Communication style-high context
Time - flexible
Conformity - concern on family
Religion - Ramadan echnology Shortcomings of facilities nvironment Pollutions egal Contracts and Agreements 4.0 The 4 P's 5.0 The Marketing Plan Feeding bottles
Products from newborns to toddlers
Wide neck bottle
Bottle with handle
Wide neck bottle with handle
As the child grows, their nutrition needs change PRODUCT Different stages of baby, different types of bottle
The quality of feeding bottles is BPA-free (free of Bisphenol-A)
BPA-Free baby bottles need to be changed every 3 to 6 months depending on wear and tear
For branding, a word’s logo of ‘Anakku’ will be written on the bottles. Channels – Focus on developed areas first, eg: Jawa, Sumatra and Kalimantan, then throughout the region.
Baby shops
Shopping malls Logistics – seaway transport Place/Distribution Price Market penetration to create awareness low price setting still have to based on the following aspects:
1.Consumers’ demand
2.Product Lifecycle
3.Potential substitutes Price we set for a 120ml baby bottle = 180,000 Rupiah
the price is lower than Mimijumi 120ml baby bottle = 220,000 ~ 228,000 Rupiah sold at "Birds & Bees" Sales Coupon Billboards Adveritising Advertising
Anakku, Anak Cool Campaign
Anakku Social Network
Sales coupon
Discount Promotion in Indonesia Discounts Create a social network page to enable users to discuss, exchange baby product information to each other
advice from experts
low cost Anakku Social Network Anakku, Anak Cool Campaign Brief introduction
No subscription fees needed
Point collection, special program, special discounts and value buys Promotion is
-Communication between seller and buyer
-Create awareness
-Elements consist of advertising, sales promotion, publicity, event and sponsorships and direct selling Promotion Run the same advertising and promotion campaigns as home country
Some adaptation is needed
eg: language, cultural, and value system Publish on selected area, eg: clinic, hospital
Advertise on public transport, eg: buses, taxi Attracted by cheaper price
eg: vouchers, double-pack promotion

Buzz marketing Baby products are more functional design, stylist choice, and more attention to safety

Latest trends are focused on quality and safety instead of pricing Current Market Trend SWOT ANALYSIS Competitor Analysis 5.1
Analysis We want a 50% of market share of Anakku baby feeding bottles throughout the whole Indonesia region in a year.

Other products of Anakku are much more confident to go in to Indonesia.

Anakku Boutique and franchised program are coming in. 5.2 Objectives and Goals To create a strong consumer awareness towards a suitable and quality of feeding bottles from Anakku.

To establish wide brand recognition in the feeding segment and to become the top market leader in that particular segment.

Anakku brand name raised 90% awareness of whole Indonesia citizens by baby feeding bottles in a year. 5.3 Strategy and Tactics Segmentation and Targeting Positioning, and Branding Baby & toddler
affordable family
populated and developed area The name widely accepted
Cute and confident baby
Anakku jargon and baby giggles
Anakku, Anak Cool~ Slogan and campaign Ansoff's Strategies Market Penetration Indonesia already existed baby products
Lower price gain attention of Anakku brand
When people awared, Anakku can extend product line, eg: clothing, baby care Market Development Anakku could try new places which never done in Malaysia
Tourism area, Bali
Airport, duty free
Convenient Store, 24-hours shop
Highway R & R centres Diversification Anakku baby magazine
Share infomation
Advertisement Product development Environmental friendly, biodegradable plastics
Production minimize polution Direct export
Ensure price range and quality
Better in the long-run, as Anakku has then responsibility to research the market, logistics, foreign distribution, and collecting payment
Reduce risk, no contracts
Greater potential profits by eliminating intermediaries
Better control of production 5.4 Mode of entry 7.0 Implementing & Control 6.0 Action Plan and Budget Strictly follow the action plan
Keep track on KPI , 90% awareness and 50% market share
Discipline and certainty
Take preventive action of upcoming problems -few airports
-Internet speed low -Not to pollute the place -less detailed
-lack of fair and skilled judges
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