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Castration of Sex offenders

No description

Monica Leflore

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Castration of Sex offenders

Thank You!
What is Castration ?
Castration is a surgical or chemical way of reducing the amount of hormones that are produced in the body to lower sex drive.

Testosterone: (Male hormone),
Estrogen and Progesterone: (Female hormone)
responsible for sexual drive.

Three Types of Castration
Removal of male testicles
Removal of female ovaries


Megan's Law
Megan's Law is an informal name for laws in the United States requiring law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders, which was created in response to the murder of Megan Kanka.

Jesse K. Timmendequas
Jesse K. Timmendequas had two previous convictions for sexually assaulting young girls. In 1979 he pleaded guilty to the attempted aggravated sexual assault of a five-year-old girl in Piscataway Township, New Jersey. He was given a suspended sentence but, after failing to go to counseling, he was sent for nine months to the Middlesex Adult Correctional Center. In 1981, Timmendequas pleaded guilty in regards to the assault of a seven-year-old girl, and was imprisoned at the Adult Diagnostic & Treatment Center (ADTC) in Avenel, New Jersey, for six years.
Who are sex offenders ?
There is no “typical” sexual offender. Rapists and child molesters come from all backgrounds
By: Monica Le Flore'

Chania Lenson

Castration of Sex offenders
The neighbor who invited Megan Kanka to see his puppy was a twice-convicted pedophile, who raped and murdered her, then dumped her body in a nearby park. Megan's grieving parents said they never would have let their daughter travel their neighborhood freely if they had been alerted to the presence of a convicted sexual offender living across the street from their residence
Forcible Rape
sexual Assault
Only nine states allow chemical or surgical castration of sex offenders
Inmates are entitled to mandatory release or parole after they have served two-third of their sentence; except the DOC may deny the release of a serious child sex offender who refuses to participate in pharmacological treatment using antiandrogen or its chemical equivalent. A “serious child sex offender” is someone convicted of having intercourse with a child under age 13 (1st degree assault) or under age 16 (2nd degree assault)
James Jenkins wanted to end it. No more fantasies. No more molesting little girls. He knew he was the only one who could stop it; he was just waiting for the right time.
James Jenkins
He asked a jail guard for a razor. He told the guard he wanted to look nice and clean shaven for his court hearing the next day. The guard hesitated but handed Jenkins the blade. Jenkins walked to the shower in his cell. He bit the blade out of its plastic casing and stuffed an apple in his mouth to muffle his screams. Then he castrated himself and flushed his testicles down the jail cell toilet.
James Jenkins
James Jenkins
"Castration has done precisely what I wanted it to do," he said. "I have not had any sexual urges or desires in over two years. My mind is finally free of the deviant sexual fantasies I used to have about young girls"
Sex Offender Statistics
Total number of sex offenders under supervision of a corrections agencies
Total number of registered sex offenders nationwide in the U.S.
Percent of sex offenders that will commit another sex crime after being released from jail
2.7 %
Average re-conviction rate for a child molester 20 %

Average re-conviction rate for rapists 19%

Average number of years a sex offender serves of an 8 year sentence

3.5 years
States with highest rate of sex offenders Rate / 100,000
Delaware 517
Oregon 473
Vermont 468
Michigan 403
Arkansas 396
Wisconsin 391
Minnesota 316
Florida 311

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