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Brendan the Bold

No description

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Brendan the Bold

Home again
After going to The New Land he went back to Ireland to share his stories.

Brendan the Bold
Growing up in Ireland
Brendan the Bold was born in 484 in Ireland. He was baptized and educated by Bishop Erc.
Greenland and Iceland
On his first destination he went west towards Iceland and Greenland.
Next he found Augustine, Florida. He explored the new land for 40 days until he he came to a river that was impassable.Then he decided to go home.
Navigato Sancti Brendati Abbatis
On his first voyage Brendan and his crew noted what happened in a detailed book called Saint Brendan the Abbot. This book was filled with irish legends and sagas.
Brendan sailed in an Irish curragh. Which is is a wooden boat smothered in wool grease and three layers of ox hide.
At the age of 93 Saint Brendan died. He was a very lucky man. Most people back then had a hard time living till 90. He lived from years 484-577.
Brendan's life span
He followed the ways of the local Irish monks. He became a priest and prepared for a journey the Newfoundland.
By Sammi, Ava, haley, and maddie
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