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Persuasive Appeals: Appealing to Ethos

No description

Christen Philips

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Persuasive Appeals: Appealing to Ethos

Shared Values and Beliefs
-Appeal to ethos
-Uses connection with audience
-"Identification" appeal
Prompt 1:
Political Campaigns
How does this video appeal to shared values and beliefs?
Persuasive Appeals: Appealing to Ethos
Topic: School uniforms
Audience: Parents
Do Now:
Fix the following two sentences. (Hint: there may be problems with conventions AND with content)

1. logos is where you Appeal to the audience using they're emotions

2. pathos is where you show that your Trustworthy so the Audience will listen to you

: Choosing classes
: Parents
You have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Choosing my own classes is a way that I can work toward achieving those dreams.
Scenario 1
: Field trips
: Principal
Just like you, we care about attaining an excellent education. Going on more field trips would allow us to push our education to the next level by learning about new and exciting topics.
Scenario 2
What do these two scenarios have in common?
A: Both of these scenarios try to persuade the audience by... (cite evidence)
B: I agree/disagree with you because... (cite evidence)
You have always encouraged me to be myself and to not go along with the crowd. Selecting my own clothes is a way that I can express my own individuality.
Topic: School uniforms
Audience: Parents
Our family has always believed that what is on the inside is more important than what a person has. Wearing uniforms will ensure that people will look past my clothes to know and appreciate the "real me."
For uniforms:
Against uniforms:
Many girls and boys enjoy playing the same sports. Currently in Glendale, there are boys' teams and girls' teams for each sport. However, some have argued that girls and boys should be allowed to play on the same teams. Persuade your principal to agree with your opinion.
Prompt 2:
The girl in the video argued that education is the biggest factor needed to improve a country. Should it be the most important global issue we need to fix? Persuade President Obama of your opinion.
(Level 4)
(Level 3)
. Choose which prompt you will be writing about.
. Write a thesis statement.
. Write a one paragraph appeal to ethos using shared values and beliefs.
(Convince your audience by finding common ground with them.)
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