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The Constitution and You

No description

Kirk Peterson

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of The Constitution and You

School House Rock Preamble
Group 2- Establish Justice
Group 3- Domestic Tranquility
Group 5- General Welfare
Group 6 & 7- Blessings of Liberty
Answers # 1, 2, 3, 7, 9 on your Brain Pop question sheet.
Group 4- Common Defense
Group A- Constitutional Convention Paragraph 1
Group B- Constitutional Convention Paragraph 2
Group C- Constitutional Convention Paragraph 3
Group D- Constitutional Convention Paragraph 4
Group E- Constitutional Convention Paragraph 5
Group F- Summary
Group G- Preamble
U.S. Constitution:
Background and Preamble
1. Read the section assigned on your own
2. As a group come up with a couple words or phrase to summarize
your paragraph.
3. Write this on your white board
4. Share with the rest of the class
Did the picture or the reading give you a better understanding of what
happened at the Constitutional Convention in 1787?
Prime Time: September 17, 2013
What is the main purpose of the United States Constitution?

1. It established our freedom from Great Britain
2. Establishes our rights, how to limit government power and how government should work
3. There is no purpose
4. It is a way for the government to control the people.
About the Constitution
The Preamble Scramble!

1. Pick up the green set of cards in your group.
2. The Preamble to the United States Constitution is all mixed up!
3. It is your job to Unscramble the Preamble with your shoulder partner!
4. You may not use any resource!
4. You have 45 secs. The first group to win gets to leave class one minute early!
Question/Task: What is the Preamble to the Constitution?

Without help from classmates or another resource, write down the Preamble to the Constitution.
Prime Time
Question: Which part of the Preamble is the most important to you? Why?
Prime Time: Wednesday September 12
1. Kleenex Box
2. Yellow Preamble Booklets
3. Blue and Green Note Cards
Question: What does it mean to create a "more perfect union"? Give an example and explain why?

1. White board, marker
2. Yellow Preamble Booklet
3. Defining the Preamble worksheet
4. Colored pencils, markers etc
Prime Time
Question: Why would someone disagree with the Constitution?

Task: Take a couple minutes to either study or finish your Preamble booklet

Preamble Booklet
The Making of a Constitution Timeline
Preamble Phrase Group Sign
White Board/Markers
Prime Time
Would you like to come to school if students instead of teachers, were in charge of the classrooms?

Task: Complete the "Making of a Constitution" order of events half sheet.

1. White board and marker
2. Purple Folder
3. Constitution Order of Events sheet
4. Fill in the blank sheet
5. Yellow Preamble Booklet
Prime Time
You have been selected to be a delegate to the Trailblazers
Constitutional Convention. As a group, you will help write a classroom constitution using the six purposes of the Preamble.
Classroom Constitution
Which part of the Preamble do you think our school needs the most?
Buzzer Beater
1. Read aloud
2. Write scores
3. Makes corrections on paper
4. Shares Corrections with class
Question: What does the word "ratify" mean?

1. Purple Folder
2. Class Constitution
3. Ratification Fill in the Blank
Prime Time
Question:What is an amendment?

Task: Take three minutes to study quietly for your quiz.

1. Just have your Prime Time folder out on your desk for your quiz.
Prime Time
Do you think school uniforms would be a violation of your Freedom of speech?
Buzzer Beater:
Prime Time

Using your Preamble Booklet, rank the six Preamble phrases from most important #6) to least important (#1) to you. Write these down on your purple sheet.
Group Assignments
Green- Reads out loud
Blue- Writes (Pros)
/Red- Writes
Purple- Shares Pros with class
Orange- Shares Cons with Class
Yellow- Leader ( make sure everyone knows what to do!)
Focus Themes:
1. Choices have consequences
2. Individuals have rights and responsibilities
3. Societies are shaped by ideas, diversity and beliefs
4. Societies experience change over time
Task: On the before class side, try to match the correct phrase from the "Preamble to the Constitution" to its meaning.
About the Constitution
Of the following which one is not a part of the Constitution?
1. Preamble
2. Articles
3. Declaration of Independence
4. Amendments
Agree or Disagree, Not Sure
The Bill of Rights is not found in the Constitution but the Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence vs. U.S. Constitution
Preamble Activity
1. Reader- reads Purpose and Problem out loud
2. Dictionary Specialist-looks up unknown words
3. Writer- draws or writes the answer on poster
4. Speaker- shares meaning of Preamble phrase and answers to questions with the class.
Task: Learn the meaning of one phrase of the Preamble as a group
blue state
red state
swing state
voting age
political parties
popular vote
electoral college
swing voters
third party
Election day

bill of rights
reserved powers
enumerated powers
concurrent powers
habeas corpus
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