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MANZ Research: Book Club

No description

Ed Stanford

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of MANZ Research: Book Club

parent education evenings
casual conversations a more involved intervention, over a longer period of time Session 1 – 53 pages

Chapter 5 : A Home. A School
Chapter 7: The Sensitive Periods
Chapter 8: The Absorbent Mind
Chapter 20: The Guide Session 2 – 52 pages

Chapter 9 : The Prepared Environment
Chapter 13: Concentration
Chapter 14: Discipline
Chapter 15: Responsibility
Chapter 16: Freedom Session 3 – 32 pages

Chapter 17 : A Comfort with Error
Chapter 18: The Fear of Error
Chapter 19: Controlling Error in Real-time Session 4 – 28 pages

Chapter 10 : Rewards
Chapter 11: Competition
Chapter 12: Punishments The Secret of Childhood
Maria Montessori
Pages 222-223 ~30 children ~60 parents ~60 parents
+ ~30 extended family Yes
100% Critique Anonymous survey Small sample Consider a qualitative approach utilizing in depth interviews and more open ended responses to determine specific factors that influence the results. Recording meetings or keep a journal of key topics discussed.

Notes may be useful when analyzing results or conducting a qualitative study. Examine facilitator, book, or community influence

Replicate the research with a different community, book, or facilitator (maybe not Montessori trained)

Combine results from my research and replicated study to form a larger sample pool for analysis. Reading Montessori Madness as part of a facilitated book club positively affected parent’s confidence regarding understanding of the Montessori method. Community bias Facilitator Bias Thanks and appreciation

Ana Pickering
Tracie Phua
Nicola Chisnall
Steve Arnold
Titoki Montessori community “The child’s parents are not his makers but his guardians. They must protect and care for him, in the deepest sense as a sacred mission that goes far beyond the interests and ideas of external life.” The Secret of Childhood
Maria Montessori
Pages 222-223 The Secret of Childhood
Maria Montessori
Pages 222-223 “It is plain that human society should direct its wisest and most perfect care to the child, to receive from him greater strength and greater values in the humanity of the future.” “There is a mighty mission before all parents. They alone can and must save their children, for they have the power to organize socially,…” Future research considerations Surveys were not anonymous As a tool for increasing confidence with the Montessori method, facilitated books clubs have great potential and should be explored further. Reading Montessori Madness as part of a facilitated book club produced little affect on parent’s confidence regarding their choice to place their child in a Montessori setting. 78% No change in confidence
11% Increased in confidence
11% Decreased in confidence
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