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Gay Marriage

No description

rachel pospisil

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage
By Rachel Pospisil
1. God has created the institution of marriage for the purpose of procreation. Same-sex couples are incapable of procreating.

2.Not all couples procreate, some by choice and others because they are infertile. Nobody argues that infertile couples should not be allowed to marry.

3.More than 5 million people of child bearing age are infertile. And this is regardless of sexuality

4.Same sex couples usually adopt. About 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year

My views on gay marriage: Im all for it. I believe love is love and no matter what someone says you cant just not love someone. It is something you are born with and discover about yourself later on. You cant just chose to be gay because in that case im sure a lot of gays would chose to be straight to avoid the bullying and hurt
7. The Catholic catechism decries homosexual acts because "they close the sexual act to the gift of life." Early American antisodomy laws discouraged all forms of non-procreative sex. That includes any and everything that does not create life. So that being the case many people “have sinned” already. (Even sex with you is wrong)
8. A lot of religions state “It’s bad but not THAT bad” They’re more focused on things that matter like murder, rape, suicide, which can happen to gay or straight.

9. Definition of marriage: the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (or, in some jurisdictions, two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship.

10. Gay doesn’t mean they cannot raise a child properly. Denying rights to get married does not stop them from having feelings of love towards one another

1. Gay marriage has been an issue since at least 1970’s
2. Maryland was the first state to Ban gay marriage in 1973

3. October 10th 1987 was the first legal same sex marriage between Joy wasson and Liz Throop
4.1992 same sex employees begin to receive domestic partner benefits

5. September 21st 1996 President Clinton signed a defense of marriage act
6. March 30th 2000 "Rabbis belonging to the biggest and most liberal branch of Judaism in the United States have voted to recognize the partnerships of gay and lesbian couples.

7. April 1st 2001 Netherlands Becomes World's First Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
8. Jan. 16, 2015 - US Supreme Court Agrees to Rule on Gay Marriage

9. "The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide whether all 50 states must allow gay and lesbian couples to marry. The court's announcement made it likely that it would resolve one of the great civil rights questions of the age before its current term ends in June.
10. South Carolina was the last state to legalize gay marriage in November 2014

5.Facts show that adopted children are more happy than not adopted
6. In Idaho if a minister denies a gay couple to be married they face 180 days in jail and 1,000 dollar fine

I actually learned some interesting facts while doing this. I believe love is love. So Yes for gay marriage

Work cited
1.10,557 same-sex couples are living in Missouri, representing 4.4 same-sex couples per 1,000 households.

2. 37 states legalized it

3. Celebrities that are gay: Raven Symone, Jonathan bennet (Aaron from mean girls) Eleanor Roosevelt (long affair with a journalist)

4. Lesbians account for 60% of gay marriage

5.11 Native American tribes allow gay marriage

6.President Obama is for gay marriage

7. Hawaii was the first state to legalize gay marriage in 1998

8. In many countries such as Sudan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, gay people can be punished with the death penalty.

9. The number of gays and lesbians in the U.S. is estimated to be approximately 8.8 million.

10. The state with the most gay couples is California, with approximately 92,138. The state with the least gay couples in North Dakota, with approximately 703 couples.




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