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UDL: What does it look like for kids with special needs?

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Christie Flayhart

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of UDL: What does it look like for kids with special needs?

Universal Design for Learning:

How does this apply to students
with special needs?

What does this mean for students with special needs?
UDL is good practice instruction.

Students with IEPs feel less isolated with the implementation of accommodations and Supplemental aids in their inclusive classrooms with non-disabled peers.

Students with special needs continue to require supplementary aids and supports as outlined in their IEPs. These supports include instructional and assessment accommodations as well as modifications aligned with student needs.
ACCOMMODATIONS are intended to reduce or eliminate the effects of a student’s disability and provide access; accommodations do not reduce learning expectations. The accommodations provided to a student must be the same for classroom instruction, classroom assessments, and district and state assessments, if applicable.
A MODIFICATION is a change in the format or form of an instructional resource, assessments, and/or instructional practice with the intention of circumventing a learning barrier, while holding fidelity to the content standard/indicator. Not necessarily easier – just different. A modification can support all students who have learning barriers.

Modifications can increase the gap between the achievement of students with disabilities and expectations for proficiency at a particular grade level. Modifications can adversely affect students throughout their academic career and beyond.
A modification should be documented as a Supplementary Aid, Service, Program Modification and Support on an IEP.
What Supplementary Aids and Services (Modifications), Accommodations, or UDL strategies might be applicable for one of these students?
Maryland Accommodations Manual 2008

Accommodations Tutorial:
A student's present levels and needs dictate the modifications that are necessary. When modifications adjust the learning farther and farther away from grade level standards, the IEP team should convene to review student progress and statewide testing participation. Often students who participate in the Alternate Maryland State Assessment have significant modifications to their instructional resources, which can adjust the learning away from the current grade level standard to the functional level they are learning.
Modification Samples
Share Your Ideas
UDL is for every child—general education, special education, gifted and talented, and ELLs. UDL is not a special education initiative, but a philosophical approach for designing curriculum, shaping instruction, selecting instructional materials/technology and developing assessments that provide greater access to learning for all students.
Thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of students. We know that you continue to make good collaborative decisions about instruction and the accommodations and modifications that students require to be successful.
A student's IEP is a road map for staff to provide appropriate instruction and modifications to promote learning and success.
UDL Examples
Students are asked to read a short story.
The story is available electronically. All students have the option of either reading the story to themselves or accessing the text to speech software on the bank of computers.

Students are asked to define several terms.
All students are given the option of 3 levels of dictionaries and given the option to select one based on the depth of definition they desire.
What is your understanding?
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