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Sanderson Tundra

Hi everyone if your not Laine Sanderson or Madison Wemmer don't open this

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Sanderson Tundra

By: Laine Sanderson Tundra Rainfall (yearly): 30 to 50 cm.
Temp.: Summer=12 degrees Celsius
Winter:-26 degrees Celsius Rainfall and Temperature Tundras can be found in northern Asia and northern North America and northern Europe. Continents 1. The layer of soil beneath surface soil, which is always frozen is called, Permafrost.
2. During the summer the surface soil thaws, but only the surface soil.
3. Alpine Tundras are found on top of tall mountains.
4. Alpine Tundras are found above the tree line. Facts Some plants of the tundra include, grasses, shrubs, moss, and lichen. Natural Resources include, dirt, rocks, and snow. The animal that live there consist of muskoxen,mosquitoes, caribou, and winter bunnies. Plants, Animals and Natural Resources Tundras cover approximately half the world. How big are they? Humans do not disturb or help the tundra, but they find enjoyment in activities such as hiking and bird watching in them. THis can be called commensalism. Human Relations
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