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My EY Internship Experience

No description

kelly walker

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of My EY Internship Experience

Boys & Girls Club
Several of us planned the ELP scavenger hunt, and tested it out (picture above spelling out "EY ELP")
Other Accomplishments
Survived training in Detroit with all boys
Made some pretty impressive putts on Employee Appreciation Day
Developed relationships with fellow interns
Gained valuable client experience
Made the most of my EY internship experience
I look forward to a potential career with EY!
My Internship Experience
on the road to building a better working world

Intern Connect Day & Kickball
Training --> Detroit, MI
Exploring the city
"Gateway to Freedom"
GM Headquarters
Dinner at Coach Insignia
Born in St. Joseph, MO
my hometown!!
Grew up in Detroit
Future Intern Experience
Kickball Tourney
Other Events from my internship experience...
Employee Appreciation Day at the golf course! We may not be good golfers, but we dressed the part
By Kelly Walker
8 Weeks
No. 1 seed going into bracket play
Upset in the semifinals
^did not matter because the final game wasn't even played
Classiest team on the fields
Spent the morning with 40+ kindergarten-1st grade children
Heard some very interesting stories
A look inside our dugout from the firm Kickball
Continue to maintain contact with Interns between offer and start of internship
Continue to hire innovative and creative interns
Clip from the movie "The Internship", starring Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson
Firm event at the Royals game on 7/10

Business: Automotive, Aviation, Marine, Outdoor, and Sports devices
"A Culture that Moves you"
On the Road, On the Go, Into Sports, On the Water, On the Trail, In the Air
Tasks I worked on:
Interoffice Instructions
BoD & Committee Minutes Summary
Populating controls walkthrough

New engagement to EY this year
Business: Engineered Products
Tasks I worked on:
Expense transaction testing
Payroll expense testing
AR Confirmation testing
AR Bucket testing
Picked up snacks for an engagement...lots of peanut M&Ms
Client Takeaways
PDF-Xchange (if used correctly) can make your senior very happy
Write down WP #'s - they are confusing!
Do not save a 2014 file over a 2013 file
The Garmin cafeteria is dangerous for those people who lack self control (me)
Ate 4 desserts in 5 days
Garmin employees are very active on their lunch breaks
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