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B04 Unit 10

No description

Franco Enrique Rios

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of B04 Unit 10

Parts of the house Intensifiers My house Too difficult = It is impossible for Jim to complete the exam. The Product Very difficult = it is difficult but possible for Jim to complete the exam. Unit 10: Home Sweet home Home decorating show Home redo Window-shopping Alex can't play basketball because he's ........ short.
We are ........ to go to the gym.
This movie is ....... interesting.
It is ..... late to go out. Let's practice Watch "combate"?
Cook "ceviche"?
take a shower?
sleep? Where in your house do you...? balcony Areas Lesson A: Housing Resources My dream house is in front of the sea. In my dream house, there is a big living room with a modern fireplace, many paintings and big sofas. Also, there is a large balcony with a view of the sea. In addition, there are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (visitors have a private bathroom). And finally, in my dream house... In my dream house.... Welcome to basic 4 I can live in an apartment or... garage bathroom bedroom yard dining room kitchen living room elevator What do you like? House or apartment? Any reasons for this choice? The exam is very difficult, but Jim can complete it. Too / Very The exam is too difficult, Jim can't complete it. Remember: Too implies a negative result. Can you think of ideas to redecorate this room? The house is a mess. Let's clean everything up! Also, we could paint the walls... What are they wearing? Shopping for clothes in L.A. A: Hello, may I help you?
B: Yes, please. How much are these shoes?
A: They're €900.
B: €900? Uhm... I'll think about it...
A: We have a similar pair in a different brand.
B: How much are they?
A: €50.
B: I'll take them. Discuss clothing dos and dont's Imagine you are going to an exotic country, for example, Morocco. How are you going to find information about what clothes people wear in Morocco? What do you have to wear for...? A night out with your friends
A business meeting
A day at the beach Job interview What are do's and don'ts in a job interview?
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