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Characteristics and Examples

bridgitt leon

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Haiku

Haiku What is a Haiku? Examples: Under Cherry trees
by: Matsuo Basho
Under cherry trees
Soup, the salad fish and all...
Seasoned with petals.
By: Bridgitt Leon A Haiku is made up of three unrhymed lines of poetry
The lines should consist of 5, 7,5 syllables
*Haiku's actually came from Japan

Characteristics of a Haiku typically present an intense emotion or vivid image of nature
can lead to a spiritual insight of the world or life Haiku poems usually have a theme such as: nature, feelings, experiences
A haiku should set a visual image in your mind

this poem follows the syllable rule of 5, 7, 5
the cherry tree show nature and the setting of Spring
* Basho is well known for his Haiku's & they are usually about nature and life since he traveled everywhere on foot

Examples cont. After Basho
by: Carolyn Kizer
Tentatively, you
slip onstage this evening,
pallid, famous moon
Why it is a Haiku:
* 5,7,5 rule
it does not rhyme
Basho was very famous for his Haiku's and would take the spot light of the hiuku poets
this show the realization that Basho is gone and others can come in and show their skills
continued. C'mon man hold me
by Sonia Sanchez
c'mon man hold me
touch me before time love me
from behind your eyes. why it is haiku:
she is looking for physical attention it shows her feelings
the theme is love
and is short
Examples out of the book: Snowflakes
by Kaitlyn Guenther
Snowflakes are our friends
They descend when winter comes
Making white blankets this shows the season which is winter and and imagery of the snow covering the ground, it follows the 5,7,5 rule, its short and sweet Finish me off.. Like medieval knights
To reap victory cont. September morning . . .
sunlight in the impressions
of three thousand names

—Alice Frampton
it refers to what happened in 9/11 Early in the morning you are waken up to realize people are dead, and gone forever and all you have is their names. Alice shows two event in her Haiku she shows an altering moment in the nation, while still showing an ordinary day where you come to realize the devastation, also you can see how she followed the 5,7,5 rule because she uses three thousand to stay in the limit. Cont. The theme is spring coming and children are once again outside playing and laughing. Also you imagine the flowers rising and blooming. It shows the characteristic of Haiku and stays in the limit of syllables and also paints a visual in one's mind People united
To secure their liberty
------------------------------- what am I
there once was a box
beamed with colors of a rainbow
Red, orange, and more
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