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No description

Vanessa Casillas

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Birth

Hercules is born a god with the strength
of a hundred men. However he loses his godhood because he was kidnapped and
given an elixir. Hercules did not finish the drink due to being interrupted by humans approaching. Due to not finishing the
drink he retains his strength. He is
adopted by a pair of
Crossing the threshold
Hercules trains with Phil to become the hero that
Earth needs. By completing this training he is leaving behind his world to start fighting for others and
become a true hero.
His helper during the tests were his flying horse
Pegasus. Pegasus helps him fight during his
battles and Phil helps him in the background
giving him advice and coaching him.
Final Battle
In the final battle Hercules gave up his strength to save his love as long as she was safe he would not have his strength. She gets hurt saving Hercules from a giant and Hercules gets his strength back. He then goes to save Mount Olympus from an attack from Hades and the Titans. He saves the Gods from destruction. Hercules then travels to the underworld to retrieve her soul and save her. By willing to die to save his love he becomes a true hero. He saves his love and becomes a god again.
Call to Adventure
Hercules destroys a town and wants to find out
where he truly belongs. His parents who raised him reveal the truth of how they found him. They give him the medallion he had when they found him. This medallion leads him to the temple of Zeus. It is her where
he finds out what happened to him. Zeus then gives him a quest to become a true hero on Earth that way
he can return home to
Mount Olympus .
After he has saved his love
he brings her with him to
Mount Olympus. He is
welcomed home and
invited to stay for all
eternity. However his
love is a mortal
and could not join him.

Hercules Monomyth
By Vanessa Casillas
Philoctetes or Phil helps Hercules train to become a true hero. Phil transforms Hercules from a skinny boy into a hero.
Hercules Fights various monsters to prove he is a true hero. Some of the monsters Hercules faces are the minotaur and the gorgon.
He decides to become a
mortal again in order
to be with his love. He
leaves Mount Olympus
with his love to go back
to Earth.
He continues to be a hero for the people of Earth. He helps out people in need. Now however he is joined by Meg along with Phil and Pegasus.
Even though he is not a god he still has his strength which he uses to help humans.
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