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Book Report - Genius Wars

No description

Jericho Sadje

on 8 January 2012

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Transcript of Book Report - Genius Wars

Cadel is the main protagonist of the story, being a 16 year old genius that was caring, attentive, and well meaning. Climax The climax of the story is when Prosper kidnaps Cadel and attempts to take a boat to Mexico. He is thwarted when the boat runs out of fuel. He then confesses to Cadel that he was angry at all of Cadel's loved ones for not allowing him to express his full potential. The boat then capsizes, with Cadel ending up on the shore with no sign of Prosper. This is the climax because it is the most suspenseful scene and is where the loose ends are tied. Prosper English is the main antagonist, and is a mastermind who is devious, cunning, and loving toward Cadel. Saul Greeniaus is a police officer who became Cadel's foster parent. He is brave, kind, good willed, and has a Canadian accent. Characterization The author uses indirect characterization, such as when Hamish described his classmates in a computer class as "a pathetic bunch of script-kiddies" (pg. 1), giving the reader the view that he thought of himself as superior, or when Cadel says during an experiment, "That girl that just got in, she might have affected the outcome" could portray him as someone who is careful. The problem in the story is that a hacker is after Cadel, watching him from the various cameras in Australia. He is also attacked by many electronic gadgets, such as a runaway bus and wheelchair that threatened to push him down a flight of stairs. Problem The resolution is that Cadel is safe back at Australia, with Prosper English presumed dead. He changed by how he realizes that Prosper loved him all along, different from the beginning of the story of how he thinks that Prosper didn't care for him, since Cadel is not his son. Resolution I would recommend this book for several reasons. It was well written and action pack. It is appropriate for kids and slightly dark. It also has computer jargon that is understandable to the normal reader. Would I recommed this book? The setting of the story is in Australia, including the streets of a city, a rundown shack, a university, and the Greeniaus' home. The mood and tone are sometimes dark, such as this text concerning the deceased Rex Austin: "It's safe to look now. I've covered him up."(pg. 348) Setting The story begins with Cadel and his friend Hamish attending a computer course in a college. They are interrupted by cadel's foster father, who takes Cadel home due to sightings of Prosper English, Cadel's nemesis, in recent areas on CCTV cameras. Upon closer inspection, Cadel realizes that they are just digital copies. However, they still wonder who did this and why they would do it. Cadel meets up with his friend Sonja, who has cerebral palsy. They have a conversation about recent events when all of a sudden, her electronic wheelchair attempts to push Cadel down a flight of stairs. He dodges it, but Sonja is rushed to the emergency room. Cadel, realizing that a bluetooth connection was essential to doing this, organizes his friends to find the source of the signal. On the way, two of his friends crash together, due to the hacker tampering with the stoplights. They soon realize that the hacker was a man named Com, a former classmate of Cadel. They investigate his house, and found a laptop containing encrypted messages. While the police attempted to solve the encryption, Cadel learns that is a person who may be responsible for the images of Prosper English: Raimo Zappo the Third. Cadel attends a meeting at his house concerning how to protect himself from any attacks. A bus suddenly crashes through the building. After acknowledging that no one was hurt, Cadel realizes that the bus must have been tampered with by Com. He decides to find out if Raimo was the one tampering with the CCTV cameras. He disguised hiself as a girl and snuck out, boarding an airplane to Los Angles. He fools Raimo into plugging in a USB containing a bug into his laptop. He then realizes that Raimo was indeed the one posting the fake Prospers on the security cameras, and was hired by Rex Austin, an enemy of Prosper. He was picked up by the local police department and was sent back home where he helped police investigate Rex Austin's house, who was missing for several days. The police then find video tapes of the real Prosper English living within the house, but it was too late. Prosper ambushed Cadel and took him to a panic room. Prosper then led him out to a tunnel and into a hidden bay, where they found a speedboat and Rex's body, trapped there by Prosper. They sped into the open ocean before running out of fuel. Cadel figures out that Rex must have died of inhalation of fumes from the engine, which he must have turned on to attract attention. Prosper starts rowing, while confessing that he staged all the attacks on Cadel's loved ones because he believed that they were holding him back from his true potential. A storm sets in, capsizing the boat. Cadel washes up on shore, and there is no trace of Prosper. He later realizes that Prosper had always loved him. Genius Wars Catherine Jinks This picture represents the theme that I believe is represented in the story: love is a powerful force. This heart represents love. It was Prosper's love for Cadel that drove him into attempting to harm Cadel's friends and family. It was also the love of Cadel that made his friends try and protect him from Prosper English. Mrs. Braun
Language Arts
Period 4
Jericho Sadje
January 1, 2012 Characters Theme Story
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