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Internship End of Term Presentation

No description

Brent Triplett

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Internship End of Term Presentation

Houston Office
Level II Business Mgmt. Intern
Texas A&M University 2014'
What did I learn this summer?
How does my internship relate to my education?
What was my best and worst experience this summer?
Pros/Cons and feedback on my internship experience
My Internship

What did I do this summer?
What did I learn?
Business Management Level II Intern
Focus in Project Controls
Observed and interacted with the monthly accounting and financial processes along with the end of month procedures
Assisted in Revenue/Gain Analysis
Generated reports weekly for the Monday morning meeting
Played a key role in building a Minimum Standards booklet for the Southern District
Worked in excel creating various reports
Visited a few different jobsites
All about Project Controls
Accounting and finance processes
Became familiar with using SAP
Became much more efficient in Excel
Visited a few different job sites. I had the opportunity to learn how things operated in the field.
The Construction
My TIC Internship Experience
Brent Triplett
What I learned about Construction
Learned about the different types of construction jobs there are:
Union vs. open shop
Lump sum, cost plus, joint venture, split district
More about what TIC actually builds
Power plants, substations, maintenance work, gas and chemical, etc.
How unpredictable projects can be
Not very much of room for error
Job Site Visits
Sharyland Whitedeer
Kiewit Offshore Services
Relation to my Education
Supply chain management, Management, Accounting, Finance
Allowed me to apply what I have learned in my classes
Project controls
RFID tags
New systems like KIECORE and new tool allocation systems
My Best Experience(s)
Getting to visit a couple different job sites
Formed many good relationships with coworkers
Given valuable work that actually matters, not just busy work
Team building event
My Worst Experience
Pros and Cons
Went by way too fast!
Enjoyed the people and atmosphere at TIC
Treated extremely well as an intern
Jobsite visits
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