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German Submarines

No description

Graydon Verbickas

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of German Submarines

German Submarines
History Of The U-Boat
Degree of success

- Only had 38 U-boats at the start of the war of the war

- Achieved notable success in disrupting the allied supply chain

- By the end of the war more than 10,000,000 tons of allied and neutral ships had been destroyed

The U-boat Campaign from 1914 to 1918 was the World War I naval campaign.
In the course of events, German U-boats sunk approximately 5,000 ships.
Germany hesitated before adopting unrestricted U-boat warfare against merchant ships.
U-Boats nearly won the war from Germany.

U-Boats purpose and techniques
- The U boats altered the war by destroying allied supplies before they were delivered and by sinking naval vessels.

The U- Boat forced the allies to develop convoy systems to protect the merchant vessels

How it altered the course of the war
Description of the Weapons
Modern day use
- It is still in use today

- Has been adapted by almost all countries with a navy
Fun Facts
German U-boats almost won World War I for Germany.
German U-boats were first created as very weak machines that succeeded only through the use of stealth.
They also attacked supply ships even if they were from neutral countries.
2 Types of Submarines
Attack Submarines
Mine Laying Coastal Submarines
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Used world wide by navy's
U-boats have evolved since World War I and are improved with new technologies.

WWI U-boat
New U-boat
- one of germans most useful war weapons
-Sank war and supply ships
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