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The wars - Timothy Findley

No description

Science Project

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of The wars - Timothy Findley

Page 156-162 The Wars- Timothy Findley Juliet in love with Robert at 12 years old Page 156 Transcript from Lady Juliet D'orsey Barbara leaves Taffler after breaking his arms - relates to the mechanism of war itself Von Clausewitz epigraph "He had a great deal of violence inside and sometimes it emerged this way with a gesture and other times it showed in his expression when you found him sitting alone on the terrace or staring out of a window" Existentialism: Freedom Barbara correlates with her Father Theme of convention and tradition
Existentialism: Reason is Unable to Deal with the Depths of Life Barbara's Mother Page 157 Page 158-159 - Fragmented pieces of text that Findley leaves us. We are the archivists Themes Convention and Tradition Isolation/Alienation Memory/History/Past Truth/Perception Language War Page 159 Black hole of Calcutta
feeling isolated
Trojan Women
changing body
using Barbara's clothes Page 160 Symbolism Themes Existentialism Identity
Conventions and Traditions

Isolation and alienation

Memory/History/The past

Relativity of truth
Sanity and madness
"but it saves your sanity"

Language Page 161-162 Reason is unable to deal with the depths of life -Blundering Essential Question: Constant Re-evaluation of truths Why and how is language "a strange thing"? Language is a strange thing because everyone can perceive it differently and is very ambiguous. Ones perspective when they are 12 is not the same when they are 70. Different meanings for different stages of life Punctuation (Miss Turner) Alienation

"Fear and Trembling" and "anxiety"

the encounter with nothingness Doll Amanda
coming back
Symbolism Juliet walks in
loss of innocence
begins to cry
confides in her doll Amanda
"she was lonely for me and id deserted her"
Clive comes for support
"every body dies"... "but everybody, isnt killed" gives candles to Robert
lit once by her
for safe return
connection Clive "do you think we will ever be forgiven for what we've done? they meant their generation and the war and what the war had done to civilization. Clive said somethings I've never forgotten. He said: i doubt we'll ever be forgiven. All i hope is-they'll remember we were human beings
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