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Language Registers

No description

Holly Buchanan

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Language Registers

Consultative Register Static register Formal register Casual Register This style of language is for private communication and used by close family members, or intimate people.
Some examples are:
-going on a date
-getting married
-a divorce
-a fight between siblings This style of language is known as "frozen" because it never or rarely changes
Examples include:
-the Lord's Prayer
-The preamble
-the pledge of allegiance -This language style is used in mainly formal settings and it normally has an appropriate format and its usually impersonal.
You can find this register when:
-you give a speech
-public speaking
-at in interview
-Doing a presentation This register is informal and mainly used in friend or peer situations. It's a "group" type language and includes 2 or more people.
Examples include:
-Slang talk
-talking to your friends
-blogs Intimate Register Language Registers Check for understanding Find a partner and each say two things they learned about language registers. Remember what your partner says and then we will pick 3 people to say what there partner learned. Activity Read your card and then find the register on the board to what best fits the situation on the card. This is the standard style of registers with formal expectations but without a proper format. It is used when:
-Student asking a teacher for help
-a person going to the doctor
-a boss firing their employee What is it? -A language register is a type of language style.
-there are 5 different registers: static register,
Formal register, Consultative register, casual register and an intimate register
-For every communication, the appropriate language register would always depend on the situation Today you will need: -notebook paper
-set up notebook paper for notes
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