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Creative Summary of learning

No description

Maddy Reid

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Creative Summary of learning

ICT General Capabilities
ACARA General Capabilities
TPACK (www.matt-koehler.com)
SAMR (www.schrockguide.net)
But what I have learned is invaluable to further my teaching career and create an interactive and innovative learning space for my students
Future Work Skills 2020 (www.iftf.org)
Technology is a part the 21st century classroom, it opens multiple opportunities for interactive and global tasks that promote independent learning.
This Class has been based heavily upon project based learning and it will be vital to my teaching career, it promotes critical thinking, collaboration
Pedagogy is simply defined as the way teachers teach, however it is more than that. Good pedagogy is when you take your students to a place where they can teach and learn individually, leading the students through an education where they can gain extensive knowledge.
1251EDN has presented many useful and clever apps that would encourage and inspire children to learn and be creative. When I thought of apps my mind flipped automatically to games and distractions but this class has shown me that they can be so much more then that. They are an innovative way that represents the ideals of the Tpack model (Mishra & Koehler, 2006), provide an interesting way to capture their attention and encourages them to retain the information. Certain apps could be used in English to create a avatar of a character from the relevant text to the class to demonstrate an understanding of the text ant its components. Who doesn't want to fiddle with apps? I sure would!
So what did I learn?
Creative Summary of learning
What did I expect?
Presents a variety of interesting classes
Motivating and captivating tasks
Supports ALL types of learners
Developing skills vital for the 21st century
Modification of traditional and static tasks
Can be customized for individual students
Develops the students communication skills
So HOW does technology help?
and communication. Allowing the students to gain skills and knowledge through extended research and response.
A flipped classroom is new method of classroom education that promotes active learning and teaches higher order thinking with blooms taxonomy. The students access content individually before class and than in class they explore and discuss the content through active learning.
Pinterest is another program I had not heard of before this course and it will be very useful for me. It is a global and collaborative stage that allows me to 'pin' information on public boards that you are interested in. Using pinterest in English could supply students with unending sources and information on any given topic. It could be used to create a character profile as they interpret them or to create a board centrally on a certain book/play to develop their knowledge.
Scoop.it was a platform that I was not aware of before 1251EDN and it is a shame I had no knowledge of it before. The quick and easy curating of sources makes research simple and it keeps a record of the sources I find valuable, even allowing me to write notes. This would be particularly useful for history because it is heavily based on sources and research and this site could provide a platform for extensive and useful research.
PowerPoint has always been used in the classroom however in 1251EDN I discovered a new way of utilizing it, making a digital story. This was a completely different use of the program to what I was expecting and has redefined how I utilize PowerPoint. This knowledge will enhance my classroom and my teaching, allowing the students to learn individually, make informed decisions and demonstrate the consequences. This would be particularly useful for history, students could explore the political decisions through history, archeological finds or specific cultures using the tool through applying their knowledge and making well informed decisions.
Using video within 1251EDN really showed me how ALL types of technology can be utilized in the classroom. It allowed me to research, plan, script and assemble the video and has really showed me how integrating technology into education can help with my teaching area. For English the video can cater for multiple learning types and demonstrate the students understanding through activities such as adapting character descriptions and essay in a visual and global format. Giving the students a more captivating and motivating task like this would help them to understand the content and allow all students to excel.
Twitter is seen as a social network however 1251EDN has enlightened me to all the opportunities it presents, as using it as a back channel. This could be particularly interesting for both English and History, it is a platform where my students can pose questions on class and homework which allows for peer based learning before I tweet an answer. The integration of everyday ICT into the classroom corresponds with Tpack and it provides a twenty-four hour learning space to benefit both myself and my students.
Prezi is a captivating modification of PowerPoint and the use of this in 1251EDN has opened my eyes to new ways of presenting information. The students can apply their knowledge to the program and create an interesting presentation that will educate their peers, this could be a useful tool within project based learning and aligns itself with the Tpack to educate the students on different forms of ICT using technology. Prezi can be used in both English and History to present information to peers in a captivating and interesting way, such as presenting a report in History.
Blogs are useful ways to share information but before 1251EDN it did not occur to me to use it in a classroom. It is a modification of a traditional presentation method, students would be able to post work, pose questions and share information in an interactive and new way. Blogs could prove very interesting for history, instead of an essay and research book, students could log their progress on the blog. Using the Tpack model each student could have an individual topic and educate their peers, using the flipped classroom in which students engage in active and collaborative learning.
It is my role to guide my students through their eduction, allowing them to develop vital skills and knowledge for the 21st century . I am there to provide them with these skills and knowledge and to educate them using innovative platforms such as pinterest, prezi and scoop.it and demonstrate how to modify already defined technology, like apps, twitter and PowerPoint, to create interesting and new ideas.
So what is MY role
But WHY?
Technology is always evolving which means new teaching tools and strategies are always available, but why are they so useful? This course has taught me that using technology proves to be a more engaging and motivating form of education. It makes learning visible and provides a platform for students to develop and evolve their knowledge, allowing them to gather and document their education. Technology is flexible and allows for different learning styles and disabilities, it can be altered slightly to fit and enhance any students education and would generate collaborative, independent and global learning.
1251EDN has prepared me for this. I have been taught how to use technology and ICT more efficiently with new platforms and how to modify statics task using ICT. I have also learned the value and benefits of a flipped classroom and project based learning and how they enhance student learning. Further more, I have learned how important TPACK and SAMR are to the classroom and how they are vital to modern adn future education.
The Australian education curriculum makes constant reference to the use of technology and ICT in the classroom, it is expected in the curriculum that teaches will embrace a wide use of modern technology to enhance student learning. This is consolidated by the National Standards of Teachers (www.aitsl.edu.au) where it is expected of the teachers to incorporated technology into the classroom.
As we move into the future it will be us, the teachers, who will teach the next generation the skills they need to develop the world, and this will be heavily based upon technology and ICT. It will by my job to guide students through their learning with effective teaching strategies that will enhance their learning and allow them to achieve their aspirations.
1251EDN has been a valuable course of my first semester of university and has enlightened me on the vitality of technology and ICT of which was not aware. The information I have been provided with will allow me to equip my students with a more interesting and ICT orientated education to give them a preeminent and beneficial education.
Imperative to education for the future

TPACK is vital to any modern classroom, it demonstrates how technology should be integrated into the classroom and represent how I will strive to structure my classroom
Blooms Taxonomy is a valuable teaching tool that inspires higher order thinking and teaches the students important skills
SAMR is the the complete integration of technology into the classroom, it is vital for modern education because technology is an ever evolving and important tool of education that makes school more interesting and motivating.
All images from www.google.com/images
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