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Satire Problem/Solution Assignment

Drug Use by High School Students

Adrienne Johnson

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Satire Problem/Solution Assignment

Create an amendment to the Constitution to legalize all controlled substances
Remove all tax on tobacco and alcohol to make for easier purchase and consumption
Ban all drug tests and testing centers

Problems Not Enough Access to Drugs
Only 60% of students say drugs are kept, used, or sold at their school (National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA], 2012)
Simply 64% of teens abusing pain relievers got them from family and friends (NIDA,2012)
Too Little Exposure
By 8th grade, just 29.5% of students have consumed alcohol (NIDA, 2012)
Just 15% of 8th graders have tried marijuana (CDC, 2009)
Minimal Drug Use
Merely 8.7% of people 12 years and older used drugs in the past month (Center for Disease Control [CDC], 2009)
Small Number of Overdoses
Barely 6.1 million persons 12 years and older needing treatment in 2001 (Khun, 2008) Drug Use by High School Students Adrienne Johnson Increase Drug Usage in High School Students Increase Drug Use Education Legalize Drugs Create a class to teach students how to make fake I.D. cards
Establish heroine, cocaine, meth, and other drug labs closer to local high schools
Generate a buddy system: all students will be put in contact with a drug dealer nearest to their home and or school
All 8th grade students will be given a presentation of all drugs and how they can get access to them, hide symptoms of usage, and ways they can pay for them
Middle school students will be provided samples of drugs and alcoholic beverages
Drug dealers will demonstrate how to properly use various substances and the best ways to achieve a high to all 9th grade students during the first week of school

Benefits Lower Cost of Education Less students attending high school and college
Less need for higher qualified teachers, low enrollment in higher level courses Less Crime Less illegal activity by teens
Lower cost of police enforcement Fewer Deaths by Overdose Higher level of experience with substances
More practice and knowledge of drug usage More Jobs Greater need for drug dealers and manufacturers
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