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Plants v

No description

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Plants v

Plants vs Zombies
The plants attack the zombies using thei own special power. The different plants have different powers. They may get eaten by the zombies. Not all plants can attack, some can produce sun so that you can plant more plants.
About The Plants:

The zombies will do anything to eat YOUR BRAINS! You can use the plants you plant to defeat them. DON'T LET THE ZOMBIES EAT YOUR BRAINZ!
About The Zombies:
The levels get harder and harder as you proceed further and further though the map. Luckily, you get more plant if you past the levels containing the plants.
there is more than one place on the map of plants vs zombies. For example, there is Ancient Eygpt, Pirate Seas, Wild Wild West, Far Future and Dark Ages so far on your world map. places are not easy to get. it depends on how fast the company produces the places.
These are the most defenceless, yet most important plant in the game. These important plant creates sun that allows you to plant more plants to defend you during a game. every plant cost sun but with these sunflowers, you get get the protection you need.
The most powerful of all zombies. Tip: if you use a lot of explosive plants, it creates more damage allowing you to destroy it faster.
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