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The road to the construction industry....

No description

Reshika Tamang

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of The road to the construction industry....

The road to the construction industry....
What image comes to your mind when I say the word construction?
Is it this?
Wait who am I?
Good question!
See here is the thing...
No one can choose YOUR destiny, YOUR career, YOUR life.
So let me just tell you, what the construction industry can offer YOU!
So have you met my friend...
5 different individuals, 5 different journeys and 5 different careers.
What if I told you, you were totally fooled!?!
It's okay! So was I.
Construction doesn't mean you have to build things.
Construction doesn't even mean you have to wear hard hats.
But I like hard my hard hat!
Brief history...
In 1991 - UK population = 57 million.

24 million were in paid employment and 5% or 1.2 million were employed directly in construction on building and civil engineering projects.

This does not include: Self employed, manufacturers of building components, suppliers of materials such as cement or bricks. Professional architects, surveyors and construction engineers and their office support staff.

Casual seasonal workers, in the building sector. Or the many people carrying work for themselves, improving, maintaining or participating in self-build schemes.

My name's Reshika!
Parents: "You should be a doctor or a lawyer!"

Those are just a few careers in the construction industry!
I know it's A LOT of choices but if you see something you like...

Here is how we can help you!
How do you start your career?
Apprenticeships (16-18)
Day release trainee schemes (After GCSE & A-Level)
Industrial placements (During University)
Graduate schemes (After you graduate Uni)

And guess what? BAM offers ALL those routes!

Confused yet?
It's okay! Don't worry!

Maybe you will understand better if I introduce you to some of my good friends!
How did you end up in construction?
"I can pretend that it is because I get really excited by seeing things being built but I also enjoy seeing all the handsome engineers."
"I love this field because it's so dynamic and it opens up your horizons. You start thinking outside the box and it's so challenging but it's worth every sleepless night when you over come these challenges and bring a project to its conclusion"
"I was chosen in High-School by a mining company who wanted to encourage women into engineering, due to my high grades in Math & Science"
Sometimes you just need a little help to start your journey.....
Here is his journey so far!
Take the hints and tips people!
"Buildings fascinated me, it comes in so many different shapes and now can offer so much to people"
Vital things you need: Communication skills and this includes people from different cultures, academic backgrounds, professions, age.
Team working skills: Play any sports? Great!
BSc Quantity Surveying
MSc Construction Economics & Management
What's next?
Wade Adams: Assistant Contract Manager in Abu Dhabi
Interior designer
Construction Manager
Project Manager
Project done!
Project Manager for TFL
From Botswana...
Started career in Australia
Now in London

The skills you need in industry are the ability to learn, apply your knowledge and be good at solving problems.
"Construction industry can be life changing"
Great career
Great earning capacity
Dynamic industry
My roles have included: Design engineer, project engineer and project manager
BA Business Administration
MSc Project & Enterprise Management
People person
Make the best out of things
Don't have to build to be in construction, you can also draw or paint!
"My GCSE grades weren't that great but I was introduced to the construction industry and things changed"
Currently: Quantity Surveyor at Wilmott Dixon.
1 of the largest private contractors in the UK.
Project: £80m Social Regeneration Scheme in Rainham, Essex
"I love what I do because I get to meet a lot of different people, we get to "banter" on site which is a great way of team building. I know my skills of knowing how to construct buildings and financially managing them is certainly one worth having."
Its okay if you still don't know exactly where you would like to go....
Just remember 3 things!
Taupo New Zealand 2009
Teachers: " You will end up in McDonalds!"
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