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Janet and Lindsay: music on the brain

No description

lindsay walker

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Janet and Lindsay: music on the brain

Allowing us to simply imagine or "predict the future". Engaging us to music more and more.
Lindsay W and Janet A.
How does music
affect the brain?

The music's effect in everyday life-style

Music 's main impacts
~Music's melody and rhythm can turn sadness to serenity to joy to awe

~Music gives us intense pleasure, sending chemical rewards to your brain

~In a study, it was concluded music
gave people less anxiety

Summary of Diagram

~Energy: Music pumps the body with energy. Studies show working out to music makes you work harder without notice

~Taste: Our taste shines through what we listen to. As well as that, how we listen to it. Something simple (Pandora) or complex (Spotify)
~People: Music is a way to make an "invisible barrier". And as you collaborate
with others, this barrier is blocking out others; making a collaboration harder.
~Focus: As music plays around us it triggers memories and allows as to recall data. Studies have shown it also increases problem solving abilities in doctors.
Parts of the brain used to listen to music
Music addiction
~We are able to predict the pattern of a song due to being raised on certain music all our lives.

~Our brains get used to the replay of a song or song type allowing it to memorize.

“As an unfamiliar piece unfolds in time,” Salimpoor says, “our brains predict how it will continue to unfold.”

(From Finermind.com)
(" How Music at the Office Affects Your Work Life" Businessweek.com)
("It's Your Head, Changing Your Brian", Cnn)
("Why Your Brain Craves Music" Science.time.com)
("Why Your Brain Craves Music" Science.time.com)
Further Questions

~How does music effect the way we
~Does music change our brain?
~How do our brains process music?

~Does different genres of music effect
our focus, people skills, taste and
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