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T4 Bacteriophage

No description

Ashley Kim

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of T4 Bacteriophage

no treatment for infection
- no antibacterial or antiviral medications
people with severe E. coli infections (hemolytic uremic syndrome) are hospitalized and given supportive care (fluids, transfusions, dialysis)
attaches to E. coli bacteria that leads to E. coli infections
E. coli ruptures can lead to bloody diarrhea, severe anemia, and kidney failure
symptoms of E. coli:
- diarrhea
- abdominal cramping, pain, or tenderness
- nausea and vomitting
& Symptoms
bacteriophage or phages
from the Greek word "phagein" meaning to eat
carry only genetic information for replication and protein coat synthesis
infects E. coli bacteria
- contaminated food
- contaminated water
- personal contact with those infected
lytic life/reproduction cycle
Mechanisms of Infection
Lytic Cycle
Attachment: long tail fibers recognize E. coli surface receptors
Entry: phage enzymes drill into host bacteria, DNA is inserted
Uncoding: viral DNA is released into the bacteria
Biosynthesis: viral DNA is replicated
Viral assembly: viruses assembled
Lysis: viruses are released from the cell

contaminated food,
water, cross
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T4 Bacteriophage
By Ashley Kim
- cook meat thoroughly
- drink pasteurized milk, juice, etc.
- wash raw produce
- wash utensils
- keep raw foods separae
- wash your hands
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