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Nicki Minaj

No description

kalynn parrella

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj What hobbies was Nicki Minaj interested in? Has Nicki Minaj won any awards? What jobs has Nicki Minaj had through out her life? How did this experience help shape Nicki Minajs future path? Who are Nicki Minajs
family members? Nicki Minajs moms name is
Nina Maraj , her dads name is
Omar Maraj , and her half
brothers name is Brandon Lamar. What person influenced
Nicki Minaj life? The person who influenced Nicki Minaj was her mom. Her mom influenced her because she new that her parents where not perfect , her dads a drug adict.Her mom later passed and Nicki Minaj told her self that she would try and be a better person that her mom wasn't able to be. Her interest was to be a rapper and a profesional singer. Nicki Minaj was an administrative
assistant , she dedicated all of her free
time to pursuing a potential music
career. Yes. Nicki Minaj
won a total of
21 awards including
50 nominations. Resources Website-www.biography.com
Publisher-A and E network
Title-Nicki Minajs biography Resources #1 Resource #2 Website- www.metrolyics.com
Publisher- A and E Networks
Title-Nicki Minaj What is Nicki Minajs
date of birth? Nicki Minajs date
of birth is
December 8th , 1982. What obstacles did
Minaj face? Nicki Minaj grew up with an abusive , drug addicted father. While growing up with her mom and dad her mom died when she was in her teens. What education / schooling
has Nicki Minaj recieved? Nicki Minaj went to
La Guardia High
school of music and art. What are the person's
character strenghts? Nicki Minajs characters strength is when her mom died. This inspired her to be just like her mom because she loved her mom very much and wanted to prove her that she can be just like her but better. What is the persons
main accomplishment? It helped shape Nicki
Minajs future path by
making her become a
better person. Nicki Minaj
to be a professional
(famous) rapper
and singer. What experience in
Nicki Minajs
life helped her
shape her future path? Nicki Minajs mom dieing was the main experience in her life that helped shape her future path. By Selena Ramirez, and
Kalynn Parrella
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