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2016 Summer Olympics in Dallas, Texas!!

No description

Brianna Clark

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of 2016 Summer Olympics in Dallas, Texas!!

2016 Summer Olympics in Dallas, Texas!!
Site and Situation
A few of Dallas's sites would be, Six Flags, Cowboys Stadium, Dallas Zoo, Sixth Floor Museum, Mckinney Trolley, Medieval Times, Billy Bob's, National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Ft. Worth Zoo, and Dallas Arboretum.
Unemployment rate: 8%
Violent crime rate(1-10): 8
Property crime rate(1-10): 8
Political stability and Governance
Government type: The U.S. has a presidential system and is a Federal republic and a Constitutional republic.
The U.S. is stable for the most part. It has the world's largest and most diversified economy and has plenty of jobs for citizens in the U.S.
Why and when??
The sports venues are newly built.
Public transportation is already built around the sports facilities.
It is going to be held on August 5th through August 21st.
Existing infrastructure
Dallas has many hospitals and medical research facilities such as Parkland Memorial Hospital and Southwestern Medical center.
Primary mode of transportation is automobile.
Dallas has 4 major interstate highways; 20, 30, 35E, and 45.
Has Transit systems.
It is served by two commercial airports.
It is served by Dallas Water Utilities and the electric system is maintained by several companies such as Stream Energy and Cirro Energy.
Proposed infrastructure additions
There would be no needed infrastructure additions because Dallas already has plenty.
Dallas has the infrastructures needed to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.
Existing tourist attractions
Fair Park- a national historic landmark including museums and amusement venues.
Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas Zoo
The World Aquarium
Greenville Avenue
Dallas, Texas will not need to build any new sports venues for the Olympic games because they already have what is needed to host the Olympic games.
Dallas already has the stadiums and venues for the games and has the transportation and hotels for all the people.
Existing Venues to host events
Fair Park- housing
Cotton Bowl- track and field events
American Airlines Center- basketball and hockey
AT&T Stadium- football and boxing
Toyota Stadium
Gerald J. Ford Stadium
Dr. Pepper StarCenter- ice hockey and skating events
Existing service facilities
Belmont Hotel
Candlewood Suites
Rosewood Crescent Hotel
Omni Dallas Hotel
Bob's Steak and Chop House
Texas Spice
The Owner's Box
Economic Development
Annual budget: $286 million
GDP: annual rate of 2.60
The economy has expanded in the United States.
proposed venue additions
Map of proposed location of Olympic Village
Fair Park!!!!
Map of Transportation Networks
Come to Dallas to fight and win!!
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