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No description

Alexandra Carey

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of Amazon

Think Holistically
Amazon Prime
Amazon Agenda
History of Amazon
Market Positioning
Target Market:
All internet users, male and female, especially ages 30 to 49

Innovating and Differentiating
What is the difference between these two books?
Amazon Subsidiaries
Amazon Globally
Growth of Amazon
One-Day Delivery


Amazon Echo
Ranked #14 on Millward Brown's Most Valuable Global Brands list
Brand Value $62.2B in 2015
"Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online."
"Your brand is formed primarily not by what your company says about itself, but what the company does."
Market Positioning
Vision and Purpose
Brand Value

Potential Issues
Unprecedented idea

Delivery to any location

"Bring to me"

Unmatched by competitors
Innovating and Differentiating


Amazon Echo
Employee Complaints
Brand Confusion
Customer-Oriented Service
Website is personalized to individual
No budgets
Looks at whole supply chain, even outside internal facilities
Monitors key problem points - delays, out-of-stock items
Customer Service
Thank You!
PC Bookstore: $184.40
Amazon: $159.29

Keeping Up with Trends
Cloud based service
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