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No description

Jose Alvarez

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of diabetes

type 1 diabetes
type 2 diabetes
if you are from Mexico you have a higher chance of getting diabetes than than a person that is from america
chances of getting type 1 diabetes
type 1 diabetes destroys pancreatic cells so you cant produce insulin
type 2 diabetes is a cronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar
chance of getting type 2 diabetes
the chance of getting type 2 diabetes is 1 out of 9 meaning it is 11 percent but you can always get it any time if you are not careful.
if you eat to much sugar or unhealthy foods you have a higher chance of getting diabetes than people that eat healthier
chances of getting any type of diabetes
what should you do if you have diabetes
you should ask for help if you haven't had family that had diabetes or ask a family member that has experienced it.
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