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The Hobbit Hero Cycle

Using the Hero Cycle to describe The Hobbit

stuart Elliott

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of The Hobbit Hero Cycle

The Hobbit Hero Cycle Unlikely Hero Bilbo:
Homely Hobbit
Set in his ways Herald of the Call Gandalf the Wizard:
Old man with staff
Tall pointed blue hat
Long grey cloak
Silver scarf
Long white beard
Black Boots "I am looking for some one to share in an adventure that I am arranging..."-Gandalf The Call Refusal of the Call "Sorry I don't want adventures, thank you. Not today. Good morning!" -Bilbo Gandalf marks Bilbo's door even though Bilbo said no to the adventure. The result is that Bilbo is pushed into starting this adventure. The Refusal becomes his undoing Known Unknown Crossing the Threshold Bilbo crosses the threshold into the unknown when he encounters the trolls Helpers/Mentor Gandalf
Fili Road of Trials Trial 1:
Bilbo is asked to steal from the trolls. He was unsuccessful. Trial 2:
Bilbo encounters Gollum and has a riddle match with him. Trial 3: Bilbo has to escape the wargs and goblins Trial 4:
Bilbo has to free the dwarves from the spiders of Mirkwood. The Abyss Bilbo is trying to escape from the goblins under the Misty Mountains, is knocked unconscious and the company unknowingly leaves him and later thinks he is dead. Bilbo later awakes and unknowingly descends further down into the mountain finding a ring of power. This is symbolic of his death and rebirth. Transformation Bilbo comes through the abyss with greater power than what he had before especially because he now has the ring that makes him invisible. This will prove crucial to his success as the burglar.
He is more brave and helpful than before saving the dwarves from the spiders, and helping them escape from the Elvenking. Atonement Bilbo faces Smaug who is the one with the ultimate power to destroy Bilbo. Apotheosis Bilbo sacrifices the Arkenstone, the heart of the mountain, in order to preserve peace. He also sacrifices his friendship with the dwarves in order to try to keep Thorin from going to war. Bilbo helps to achieve the ultimate goal of the quest by finding the one weak spot in Smaug, the one who has the ultimate power of destruction. Ultimate Boon: The Magic flight: Bilbo gives up his claim on much of the treasure taking only a chest of silver and a chest of gold so that he may return home. Refusal of Return Journey: After the adventure, Bilbo is not as ready to return home as he was during the adventure. Even though he is still looking forward to returning home, Bilbo has changed into a more adventurous and less content hobbit. Return Journey: With the help of Gandalf, and Beorn part of the way, Bilbo travels back home out of Wilderland and over the Misty Mt. Mastery: Bilbo returns home and finds that other hobbits do not respect him because of his sudden disappearance and strange return. Bilbo has to try and find the balance between the hobbit he became during his adventure and is homely, uneventful life in the Shire Freedom to live: Bilbo gets some of the items returned to him that were taken while he was away and finally sits down in his hobbit hole to a cup of tea. The End
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